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First time with a CD/TV - true story
I first apologise for any mistakes, my English isn't the best.

This is a story that really happened, I just changed the names and time when it happened.

For some time now I have been in relationship with a girl. We have our ups and downs but I have had this fantasy to try sex with a crossdresser or even better a transexual. Where I live there is a LGBTQ scene, but it is really hard to find a CD/TV to try and have sex with.

So I was at work one rainy afternoon and I was looking at some adds in an online add page, generaly looking for latex clothing. I somehow managed to find an add stating a crossdresser was seeking men for sex and maybe even more. There was a short description of Maya and a phone number, the add stated »I accept calls only, I will block all non serious men«.

I took a piece of post-it paper and wrote down the phone number, which was a good choice, because the add was gone the next day. I was planing to call Maya and setup a meeting, I was just waiting the right day to come, to have my girl out of town that day or even better that weekend.

Luckily about two weeks later my girl went to the sea side with her parents, to check their estate and their sea side house, since it was just after lockdown ended, we were allowed to travel across the country, going across the border was still hard.

I called up Maya on friday after 2 PM, just how she stated in the add. The phone rang for about 30 seconds and she didn’t pick up. I ended the call. Should I send her a text? But she stated in the add: »No texts, only calls!«.

So I waited if she would call me back. I waited for about two hours and nothing. So I picked up the phone and dialed again, only the find out the phone was turned off. I was really sad.

It was getting dark, I just took out the thrash and I looked in the fool moon. I said to myself: »If it is meant to be, it is!« So I dialed again and to my surprise, this time the phone was on! It rang for some time, when a lovely female voice answered the call.

I was shocked and didn’t even know what to say. I kind of got myself together and intruduced myself and asked if I was talking with Maya from the add. The voice smiled and said: »Yes, you are new to this aren’t you?« We had a little chat and setup the meeting for the next day at 5 PM when it was getting dark. Maya gave me specific directions how to get to her place and where to park the car.

I wrote down as much I as could, still in shock that this was really happening 😊
We agreed on what she would wear, since I like pantyhose and lycra, she would have black pantyhose and a black thong body and some nice red high heels.

I went to bed soon after we both ended the call, but I could barely fall asleep since I was nervous and happy at the same time.

Somehow I fall asleep and woke up the next day. I was at home all day, getting ready for what would come. I waiting until it was around 4 PM and left the house saying to my parents I was going to a friends place. My girl was at the sea side, so I told her I was going to my friends place to play some videogames. She was OK with it.

I drove for about half an hour to reach the town where Maya was living, I quickly found a parking spot and waited in the car. As the time was coming near 5 PM and got out of the car, locked it and started walking to her place. She lived in a appartment complex, but her appartment had its own entrance from the back of the building, I got to the door and called her, saying »I am here«.
Maya opened the door and said: »Get in, quickly!«. I got into the place and took off my shoes and jacket. She took the jacket and put it on a coat hanger, she asked me if I need sleepers and I said »Yes please«.

We went into the living room, sat one next to another on the couch and started talking to each other. Maya offered me a drink, so I went for a glass of red wine, so we would relax a little bit, since this was my first time you could tell from a mile away I was nervous as hell.

Maya was a 1.80 m tall blonde with a slim body, very gorgeous blue eyes and lips that were screaming kiss me! She looked better than most women, except she didn’t have boobs. Her ass was also divine.
I told her a bit about myself and my fetishes and she asked me if I would like to kiss her. I said yes and so I did kiss her, we started making out on the couch and kisses became deeper and more and more passionate as every minute went by.

After some time kissing we suddenly stopped and Maya asked me what I would like to do next. I paused a bit and asked her if I could be her sex slave. I always wanted to suck cock and this would be the perfect time to try it. Heck, she was asking for it with her nice blue eyes.

Maya agreed, although I could feel she was also a bit nervous, since it would be my first time sucking a cock. I got dressed to look like a sex slave, I brought a couple of lycra and latex items with me.

I started by putting on Wolford Neon 40 pantyhose in black color, Maya immediately like them. I also brought a pair for her, a pair I had at home as a reserve pair – but still in its original packaging. She went to change her pantyhose and slipped into the Neons, saying: »OMG, this is so fu**ng smooth!«

After I put on my pair of Neons on, I slipped into a black dance catsuit/unitard, put on a black latex mask with openings for eyes, nose and mouth, I put on also some latex gloves in black color (medical gloves). For shoes I went with black platforms I got on Ebay for about 20 euros some time ago. To look like a slave I asked Maya to put me in dog collar I also took with me and put my hands in hand cuffs, which she gladly did 😊

I went on my knees and Maya gave me a few simple instructions how to suck properly and we began, after 15 minutes she was about to cum, and she put her cock out of my mouth. »Oh I don’t know if you will like it« she said, but I insisted she cums straight into me and we would kiss or better to say swap sperm. She agreed, she exploded into my mouth, I was very happy and swallowed a good amont of her sperm, then she also went on her knees and put the cuffs of me. We hugged and kissed for about an hour more. Then I had to go home, I took a shower at her place, got into my regular clothes and went home. We agreed to meet again, sadly due to our jobs we haven’t yet met, but we plan to do another meet soon in the next few weeks.

Maya was my first CD I banged and it felt great. Will do it again soon!
Sounds like a dream! 🤩😊 Good luck!
It was like a dream come true! 😊

BTW, this is her, an older photo of Maya, we arranged for a another meet in early september.

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Erm...and what about your girlfriend? She is okay with it...?
She doesn't know about it. I want to keep it that way.
I see. Hope it works out.
I've met Maya now a couple of times, always had the best sex with her. Here is a recent photo of her she sent me, just before we met in public. Tall and sexy.  😋

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(30 Jul 2021, 04:44 )latexballet Wrote: this is her, an older photo of Maya
(15 Oct 2021, 09:35 )latexballet Wrote: Here is a recent photo of her
Interesting, like two completely different persons.

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