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First time
Hello, i'm pretty new here.
I'm willing to try some self bondage, this is my idea.

I live in the country, in a hilly and mountainous area, my home is in a small village and the forest is like 10 min of walk away my door.
So my idea is walking to the limit of the forest, to the start of a path that reaches the top of a small mountain.

At the start of the path i will hid a key from a padlock (padlock n1), then i will walk to the end of the path, to the top of the mountain, almost 30 min of walk at good pace.
Once on the top, i will strip a bit, for sure i will remove any footwear, remaining barefoot, I would be tempted to strip stark naked, but I will probably remain topless.
Then i will put all my clothes in a bag, i will tie the bag with a chain to a tree, and put a pair of handcuffs on, then all the keys go inside the bag and the bag will be locked woth the padlock n1, the key of which is hidden at the start of the path.

So I'll have to go down the path, barefoot, topless and handcuffed, retrive the key, and redo all the way up, to free myself and get back my clothes.

I know that path very well, i did aeady it barefoot a cuple of time (for a dare) and it's really hard to meet someone at that place, i don't fear the cold (adds challenge).

what do you think?
If you manage this for your first time, wow! Well done, hope it goes well, and safe.

Next time, perhaps a nice ballgag? So long as your safety is paramount.
My site: My site for my stories, photos and more. 😊
Indeed, very daring for the first time! This scenario can go to this thread:

And very welcome @Irene!
(25 Nov 2019, 15:15 )PetraJane Wrote: If you manage this for your first time, wow! Well done, hope it goes well, and safe.

Next time, perhaps a nice ballgag? So long as your safety is paramount.

i got no ball gags, but i can add a knotted rope, i have not yet done this, i'm pondering about cold, i will try to see if i can stand the cold before, or i'll wait spring.
Wild animals, insects, tetanus vaccine?
Sorry for my english translator.
Oh yeah, insects... At least you can (and must) move in this scenario. OTOH, there are almost insect free places in this world 😊 (and not only during winters 😁 )
(25 Nov 2019, 19:12 )Pidstupne Wrote: Wild animals, insects, tetanus vaccine?

I got tetanus vaccine, also the most dangerous animal here is the very rare wildcat (the south european one, is like a normal house cat, but if you spot one you are a luky person couse is very rare) or maybe some snakes, but only in summer and they are used to flee before you can see them, and i'm used to insects  😊
I'm a sort of country girl  😉

Probably i will test the cold issue sunday
Why not high heels? Or ballet boots?
Please be reasonable 😊 Mountains, wild... Ballet boots 😁
(28 Nov 2019, 09:46 )Max515 Wrote: Why not high heels? Or ballet boots?

I don't like high heels, i find the unacractive and very silly walk with them, also i have not them, nor ballet boots.
Also i did a check about cold today.

I went in the place i have to set my selfbondage and went for a little walk, but at start i removed my jumper, shirt and bra, folded them and left inside the car, so i went strolling topless, the cold is bearable, only some gossebumps and some drop of water from a tree on my back made me jump.
I think soon i will try, tomorrow i wanna try to stay stark naked some more time in the place.

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