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First of hopefully many sessions.
Hello, this is my very first post on this forum.

I've been following this website for a long time, and used it for inspiration ad advice on my selfbondage "hobby".
I started practising about a year ago, daring my first steps in to this world using a bit of bondage gear me and my girlfriend bought for dual play.
I consider myself a newbie, for I couldn't find the time/will to play so often, I recall only four or five times.

But lately i've decided to play once again, and feel the excitement and anticipation before a session, however simple.

To conclude my introduction I wish to share my very first photo shoot, during a session earlier today where I had the chance to test out various techniques.
-I was wearing a blue, slightly metallic zentai suit with a separate three-hole spandex hood. Plus, a gorgeous ball-gag harness (quite big!) bought from
-I was also wearing a swim cap underneath the hood, hopefully to absorb a bit of sweat.
-As restraints a pair of steel handcuffs (double-locking) and rope on my legs.
-No insertable toys, as I'm currently healing from a case of fissure.
-As my primary release method I used the SB CD Tray Opener software, attached to the key a very long chain so I made sure I was able to retrieve the key once it fell.
-As the secondary release I just placed the backup key to the handcuffs on a bed, a couple of rooms away.
-I used my webcam to take a snapshot every minute.

I will attach the most interesting pictures from my session. Here's an abstract:

-I didn't plan to stay bound for very long, and I didn't make my bondage too complex nor challenging. Although I used a release method, my bondage was not inescapable (a wise choice). I just laid a mattress on the floor of my computer room, and I tied myself up there.
I tightened the handcuffs only by ten clicks, and I used a toothpick to activate the double-locking.
I freed myself and then got back into bondage a couple of times to make a few modifications on the way, since this was primarily a test run.

Only at the end of the session did I realise that the automatic snapshot function, built inside the Tray Opener, does overwrite its own folder if you start multiple sessions and do not move the pictures. As a result, the first run got wiped out, so you won't get to see the preparations.

Here you see me enjoying my restraints. The door was almost closed, as I anticipated I would open it with my feet.
.bmp   Photo 1.bmp (Size: 900.05 KB / Downloads: 106)
.bmp   Photo 2.bmp (Size: 900.05 KB / Downloads: 95)

Here i managed to open the door but I decided to stay bound for ten or 15 more minutes, I also found out that sitting was by far the most comfortable position, as my arms didn't go numb at all.

.bmp   Photo 4.bmp (Size: 900.05 KB / Downloads: 105)
.bmp   Photo 5.bmp (Size: 900.05 KB / Downloads: 50)
.bmp   Photo 8.bmp (Size: 900.05 KB / Downloads: 64)
.bmp   Photo 9.bmp (Size: 900.05 KB / Downloads: 81)
.bmp   Photo 11.bmp (Size: 900.05 KB / Downloads: 150)

In the last one you can see some drool and a mild erection.

What didn't go right:
-a timer ticking every second really ISN'T the best.
-On the first run I couldn't really manage to double-lock the handcuffs, as I was looking for the locking pin on the wrong side. Hence, I crawled to the keys (not quite easy, as the zentai is slippery) and freed myself.
-I had also forgotten a headrest pillow, which I prepared.
-I put some rope over the knees but in no time they slid off.
-Handling just about anything (keys, chain, the toothpick) is quite difficult with the zentai gloves, as the external seam robs you of sensitivity.
-the mattress failed to make me more comfortable, as it too slid off everywhere.
-Although I love the gag harness, it's a bit too big to wear comfortably for more than about half an hour, I have backups but I want to train myself.
-the gag also made me drool quite a bit, as saliva was accumulating inside my mouth I let it leak out
-The eye holes in my hood are a bit misplaced and with time the bottom edge got in my eyes, so that too was uncomfortable.
-I managed to free myself by tugging on the CD Tray chain. I plan to fix this problem by putting a keyring on the end that will go inside.

Questions I would like to ask all of you:
-Would you recommend belts over rope to secure your legs?
-What would be the proper way of cutting the gloves off the suit, to use latex ones at their place (a wishlist item)?
-What is the policy for nudity in pictures in this forum?

All in all I had fun for about 40 minutes, nothing spectacular at all. I hope you will welcome me amongst your community and enjoy this modest contribution Wink
Great post! Just to quickly answer this:

(08 Mar 2015, 19:25 )dolin Wrote: What is the policy for nudity in pictures in this forum
Generally, it's more common here to dress up in something kinky, you can post nude pictures using the [spoiler] tags. Or just post the photos and I will tweak it to show you how it can be done.
To me, this looks like a typical session. Partially great, some mishaps, some frustration. Nice report!

I did cut off the gloves from a catsuit and the ends of the sleeve started to roll up a bit, that was all. Lycra suit, nothing expensive. There are stitches to secure the ends, but most of them make the "cuff" a bit tight, it would be best to have a professional do this job. I simply left the sleeves as they were. As for attaching latex gloves: No idea. You should leave enough cloth to glue it on though. I am sure, it is mostly a question of the right glue to use.

I favour rope over belts, because it feels more "alive", and you can put as much as you like. If you want to tie your legs just above or below the knees with a belt, you need to tighten it a lot, or it will move too eventually. Given, that these parts of the legs are quite sensitive, this is a very bad idea. This is one reason, why I like very tight skirts and fishtails (à la mermaid). Now, that I have seen the pictures: You should use much more rope for your legs. It is a matter of trial and error and will never be perfect. You could also use one leg of your suit only and wrap the other one around your waist as a sash. But be aware, that the "used" leg won't ever look like before! Additionally to this, you could tie your ankles with rope.

If you like gags but no saliva dripping out of your mouth, consider a mask with built in gag, but make sure, you have no trouble breathing. There will be a mess, when you take it off, but it will go where you want it to go (into the tub for example). I do have gag phantasies, but it is never even close in real life.

PS: And once the enlarged leg of your suit is large enough, you can put your torso inside and your legs into the other, simple but effective form of self-mummification Big Grin
(sit down, face close to your knees, then enter legs and torso simultaneously. If the torso is a bit too wide, try it hands first). Instead of wasting a catsuit this way, you could get X(...)XL leggings, perhaps even add a drawstring to close the waist part of it.

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