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Exercising with toys...
Who here has done it?

Ive recently started playing with some toys when time allows while out exercising..

Things I have done..

Butt Plug on Bike ride ... lasted about 8-10km before I had to remove it down a dark lane and stash it in pocket as it was rubbing a bit too much

Been running with a cock ring on 

Went for a bike ride with the cock ring and nipple clips, ride was 37km, nipple clip only lasted about 4km though!!  Dodgy

Anybody else care to share..
Also done bike riding with butt plug.
Depending on plug - up to 10 miles
Also tried with chastity cage on several occasions with mixed results.
Even managed about 20 miles on one trip, but I can't get it consistanlty comfortable with any of my cages.
I do find I have to sit well forward on the saddle - so only for local trips out shopping.
  Suffered on a recent local trip due to dropping temperatures with anatomy trying to contract when not able to. 

I probably get the biggest buzz just walking round the town doing shopping with cage & plug in.
I know its there, the Mrs knows its there (she has the key after all) but nobody else has a clue....

Also done walking with butt plug, but a constant worry about leakage when hiking over rough ground.
(22 Oct 2020, 15:33 )egregious Wrote: a constant worry about leakage
Yep 😟
Well i went for a run last night wearing my HT2 small chastity and a large jeweled plug up my butt...

Wasnt a long run as ive only recently started and am doing the "couch to 5Km " plan, but I was still out for 35mins or so

A good clench every now and then kept things intteresting!! 😁

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