Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
Like Ra's Naughty Playground

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Dressed in lycra, cuffed and sealed in a water-filled plastic box., oh my!
New pics from Sub Nina Jay: these really press all the buttons for me...


Mmmm.... I would add/change some things here.

o- Tights on legs must be sheer to waist
o- Wear tights on arms/hands
o- Hood?
o- Connect the breathing pipe to the gag
o- Poor some soapy water in (it should be possible to raise head above the water)

I think the plastic box can be relatively easily broken from inside.

Not sure about the actual bondage, but I like the clothes. I would use sheer to waist tights on legs and wear tights on
And I would be wearing high heel boots....

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