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Double hammerlock 1
The original article can be found here:
Nice presentation, great details.
One question, why not just stand up to get released? What am I missing :?: ?
Jerry Wrote:Nice presentation, great details.
One question, why not just stand up to get released? What am I missing :?: ?

"If your legs and knees are bound together (you have to do that in advance, of course), and if you stay on your knees, it will be extremely difficult to stand back up. Wearing high heels lowers this possibility even further."

How to tie your legs in advance? You will need to stand up while making the preperation.
You can of course bind them together but not a in way which will prevent you from standing up.
When do you bing your legs so that you can't stand up anymore?
You can try to bind your legs at ankles and above and below the knees. Then sit down on your knees (I mean when knees are on the floor) and try to stand up.
Then add high-heels. And try to stand up.
Then try to do the same with your hands as high as possible behind your back. You can use a rope coil to keep them together.

If you are still able to stand up, use the Special Ring Device tied down to your ankles. The rope will go from your waste through the SRD. Grab the pull end of the rope with your hand and take the slack up while lowering down.
Another method:

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