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Dark Thoughts
Warning: Contains Fem-Dom themes and non-consensual behaviour.

“Back again so soon “ the nurses smiling face turns from me to my mistress. “Yes. he is absolutely hopeless – you know he still can’t control his masturbation, we get to the end of the month and he weakens every time”. Turning back, the nurse looks kindly at me and says “This way.” It’s not my first visit; my mistress has committed me to the psych ward several times as a chronic masturbator. We reach the change room and the nurse unlocks it for me “Remember what to do” , “Yes” I reply getting slightly aroused. She notices and just shakes her head “You are a most difficult case.”

Once in the room I strip, as usual there is a bag provided for all my street cloths. On the table sits the all to familiar straightjacket and hospital gown. The gown is white and like a long sleeve lycra shirt but has sewn sleeve ends like the jacket. Lycra stretchy and soft, the gowns caress my body giving me to an instant erection; placing my arms into the straightjacket only adds fuel to the raging fire. Red faced and tenting, I walk over and press the buzzer on the wall with my canvas encased hands.

The nurse re-enters, rolls her eyes and immediately starts to strap me in so escape is impossible. It feels just like any of the other visits only this time she removes some locks from her pocket and places them on the buckles. Smiling she says “Looks like your case has been upgraded” my heart skips a beat as I hear the ominous click of each lock. “Lean back I have to give you a small injection this time”. The nurse grabs a small needle, before I can comment she has injected it into my neck. I try to talk but my voice is now failing by the second. She smiles and says “Vocal aesthetic “ it will wear off in a few days.
Worried now, this is not like the other visits. I’m now helpless and unable to communicate. The nurse attaches a lead to the neck ring of the jacket and leads me out. My mistress is busy typing on the admissions computer terminal down the hallway. Expecting that she is just typing in details I think nothing of it. Next stop is a row of seats where my lead is clipped on securely while I wait further processing.

An older female doctor walks towards me scans my jacket barcode then reads the information on her hand terminal and shakes her head, “Hmm my my it says you are not just a chronic masturbator but also have a court order for sterilisation and penis desensitisation.” You must have been very bad boy. My eyes widen in alarm, it’s all a mistake, I try to talk but my voice is gone, I scream and nothing comes out. A nurse notices my distress and gestures for orderlies for help to quickly escort me to the small procedures room. What seems like only moments later, strapped down with my legs up in stirrups, exposed and vulnerable.

The doctor strides in and grabs the scanner and points it at my jacket, there is a beep and I watch her eyes flicking across a screen. She hesitates then “Ok. I think we will band him first” the doctor barks to the young assistant who quickly hands her the elastrator pliers and two green rings. She loads the rings onto the end of the pliers and presses hard to open them against the sturdy grip of rubber. Once open she gently pushes my sack into the unit so the rings are directly behind my balls, then with two fingers she dislodges the rings from the pliers. I jerk violently against the restraints as each ring bites down suddenly with its ever-contracting fury; no matter how I twist I’m helpless and have no way to remove them.
The doctor looks at me while cupping my now purple balls “They will take about an hour before they start to die and the pain will fade by morning – so enjoy it while it lasts” I scream and try to thrash about but no sound comes out.
“Now for that recalcitrant penis of yours” she feels around the base trying to locate the dorsal nerve, with great precision pushes a small thin blade into my penis severing the nerve. The effect is immediate. My cock is now numb in all the best spots. She strokes it a bit to check if I’m getting any pleasure but I feel nothing and my balls now feel like they are on fire.
Looking towards the orderlies the doctor says, “OK Hood him then down to a padded cell, I’ll cut the remains off in the morning.”

The orderly approaches with one of their standard white “therapeutic” hoods. It said in the brochure that my mistress had that they calmed the patients by reducing their exposure to external stimuli. Soon I felt it’s soft embrace from head to neck as it turns everything to white. Unstrapped from the table then a tug on my still attached leash, which beckons me to my private room. I can feel the padded room on my feet first, then echoing noise of the hospital ward is gone; the door has been locked.

To be continued… (if anyone is interested)
BTW, is there Part II?
(22 Dec 2014, 00:30 )Like Ra Wrote: BTW, is there Part II?

Written part 2 roughed out 2 more

yeah my writing style is so crap I haven't bothered to post the rest ... I think this post was up for well over 12 months with nobody having event looked at it. Just another in a long list of things I'm not very good at !
Good! 😉
(13 Jul 2013, 08:13 )Marcus Wrote: Warning: Contains Fem-Dom themes and non-consensual behaviour.
To be continued… (if anyone is interested)

I see it's long ago that you posted, but I just found the story, so maybe you will see this?

Anyway, it's good. I liked it. A bit quick to get to the end, but the idea is good. What a punishment it would be to take a chronic male masturabator and destroy his capacity for erection and orgasm! The mental anguish would be intolerable. He might even go insane! Love it.

I like story themes of partial agreement to submit, but subsequent non-consensual action, like blackmail or physical abuse in bondage. I love femdom. Bondage. Cuckolding. Punishment - e.g. whipping, electrocution. Forced feminisation.

I don't know if you finished chapter 2? But maybe an idea? If your victim has been castrated and made impotent, then is he to be fully feminised? Not only could he not masturbate then, but he could be pimped-out by the 'Mistress' nurses. His man-pussy used by other patients with other cravings and fetishes that need 'treatment'? Especially if his vocal cords are permanently severed so that he can never complain or refuse.

I know it's tough to write stories - I've done it - and without encouragement and feedback it's 10x harder. Keep going. Your style is good. Your subject is good. More - please.

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