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Dancing on the limit - by cranksfk
I looked down at my work. There you sat, your upper body wrapped in tight ropes, your arms crossed behind your back so that your hands almost touched the elbow of the other arm, an upline pulling the whole bondage artwork upwards and just barely allowing you to sit on the floor. Both of your legs were also wrapped with hemp so that your lower legs were pressed against your thighs. On top of that, I had wrapped a tenugui around your mouth, not to prevent you from speaking, but to increase your humiliation and insecurity. And we both knew I was far from finished.
Since you had pulled the upline on my upper body bondage taut, I felt the ropes pressing into my flesh. The countless wraps that you had pulled wildly around my chest constricted even more. Each breath gave me trouble, so my body automatically started focusing on it, turning a simple minor matter into something that took a large part of my concentration. I gave you a pleading and at the same time satisfied look as I watched you walk around me
I enjoyed your look that you had given me as a gift. And I rewarded it by loosening the storage knot of another rope behind your back and letting its ends fall onto the floor mat. I knew what that sound would do to you, and I could see you trying in vain to somehow turn your head so that you could see what I was doing. But when the rope fell to the floor again, this time visible to you, you could probably guess. A short time later I had tied the rope, which I had aeady connected to the hard point above you, to one of your leg tying. I took my time until I pulled on it unexpectedly and jerkily, which pulled your leg up and tilted your whole body slightly to the side. Your somewhat comfortable seat now became a seat on one leg and one of your buttocks, while the other was forced to hover slightly above the floor.
Goosebumps spread as I heard the ends of the rope fall to the ground. I could not control the reaction, my body sent out the signals of anticipation without my consent. Then seeing you, with the rope in your hand, and knowing that you were about to use it to force my leg into a partial suspension bondage, but not when, only intensified the goosebumps. But when you finally pulled hard on it, I still wasn't prepared for the moment, despite my attempts. Whether due to my surprise or because the new position was once again pushing air out of my lungs, when you pulled my leg up into the air, I made a soft surprised and pleased noise through my gag. I tried to make the new position more comfortable by doing some wriggling in my bondage, but the uplines kept pulling my body back to the starting position. Playfully I looked up at you and tried to make challenging noises in your direction while I kept squirming my body in the bondage and enjoying the feeling it was causing
"So, you want to play?", I thought to myself as I watched you struggle in your bondage and took a new rope in my hands. Kneeling in front of you, I used it to also restrict the movement of your second leg. After tying the rope to your leg bondage, I reached around your body and passed it around your back several times. I took my time as my hands glided around your aeady vulnerable body. Then as I grabbed the multiple bindings around your torso and made a junction to the rope to your leg, your second leg was also slightly lifted while at the same time your body was pulled towards your leg. At least as far as your upper body restraint allowed. Even if you were now forced to distribute your weight only on one buttock or in the suspension bondage, I still had not enough. You had asked me to bring you to your limit, and who am I to deny you this wish? While you were still exploring your new forced position, I had aeady grabbed your hair and made a simple bondage around it. While your uplines for your torso and one of your legs went in the same direction, I tied the rope that had a firm grip on your hair in the other direction. Due to the pain caused by the pulling of your hair, your head laid down as if by itself in the position I wanted, slightly to the side and slightly tilted down. When I was done with my work, I sat a little to the side in front of you and watched your reaction to your new situation.
Even when you had also forced my second leg into a position, I aeady felt how uncomfortable this position would be over a longer period of time. Playfully exploring the new position, by squirming back and forth in the bondage, I aeady realized how little room to move I still had. And even though I knew I was safe, a feeling of fear and vulnerability spread through me. But when in addition the hair bondage came, I really noticed how little freedom I still had. I couldn't breathe properly, couldn't sit properly, couldn't shift my weight onto my leg, and couldn't lean forward or backward. Any attempt to make the bondage more comfortable was punished with pain. More and more I realized how powerless I was trapped in this position. Fear, helplessness, and the effort to breathe filled my head. Pushed everything else aside. I felt my heartbeat accelerate and adrenaline flood my veins. I felt exposed and tried to make pleading eye contact with you, but you had sat down in such a way that I would have to turn my head slightly to look you in the eye. All I had left was to see your body, to know that you were there
I watched you carefully. Your breathing, your body language, your eyes. I could see how you were on the edge of your limit and every minute in this position pushed you further in its direction. But I did nothing else. I sat motionless next to you, gave you the feeling that I was close and let you explore your darkest places. Only when your breath became gasping and a tear rolled down your cheek did I stand up and undo the uplines, the knots that held your hands behind your body and those that secured your leg restraints. I left the remaining ropes in place, we could untie them later, and placed a blanket I had laid out ready over you. I sat down behind you, reached my arms around your body, held you tight and gave you something to lean on. Take the time you need to process what had just happened. I am here.
It was the complete opposite of what I felt before. A moment ago, I was in a powerless, lonely and painful position, now I was in a warm and safe one. And together with you. I could still feel the remaining ropes wrapped around me, but they were not important. The sense of security gave me the freedom to completely surrender to my feelings. So, I could no longer hold back my tears and my whole body started to tremble from the stress I had gone through mentally and physically. But I felt your closeness. Your body heat, which was even noticeable through the blanket. Your hold, which gave me security. I leaned into your body, put my head against yours and embraced the feelings it gave me. Safety, closeness, and comfort.

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