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DIY Vacuum-Estim-Cylinder
Today i want to show you one of my favorite toys, that i build by my self. It is a Estim-Penis-Vacuumcylinder. 
It is relatively easy to build and the feeling, that is give you is just amazing.
First of all take a look at my Cut-drawing:


These are the parts you need:
Conductive estim liner from Serious Kit

Four Rubber rings from the Hardware store (diameter 55/44mm)

One 30cm long piece Acryl tube diameter 60/54mm

Two tube connectors for 6mm tube with m6 thread and two nuts for m6

One rubber end cap for diameter 60mm

One Piece of bicycle tube with a large diameter (for MTB)

PVC tube

How to do it:
Cut the Acryl tube in two pieces, that fit to the lenth your Penis like in the drawing. Use a fine Saw and clean the edges by moving them over a piece of sandpaper, that you put on a Flat surface.
Dril a hole in the longer piece of Acryl tube and the Rubber end cap. These are for the tube connector. Start with a smal dril and use a file to make the hole bigger. Be careful, because the Acryl tube breaks easy.
Stick the tube connerctor in and tighten it with a nut from the inside. Use a smal piece of bicycle tube, to seal it. Do the same with the Rubber end cap.
Put one Rubber ring in every ending of the Acryl Tube pieces and pull a piece of the conductive Liner over one ending of every Acryl tube piece.
Connect the two Acryl tube pieces with a piece of bicycle tube.
Connect the PVC-tubes, that lead to the Cum collector to the Tube connectors and clamp the wires of the Estim device under the conductive-liner.

Ready for forced estim Orgasm Session? 
DIY bipolar Penis Vacuum cylinder with shaft and glans electrode. 
Estim prostate plug and Github-312b estim device. 
Everything you need for a intense prostate squeeze out and glans tickling. 
This device really takes control over your body functions!
Today i experimentes with my two chamber sucktion cylinder. I used two different pumps for the glans chamber und the penis shaft chamber. (normaly i use just one pump for both chambers) For the pensishaft chamber, i used a stronger pump and a magnetic valve, that seals if the pump is working and leavs air back in, when the pump is of.
This changes in cycle of 3 seconds. This results in an interesting  effect. It sucks the penis shaft into the lower chamber realy strong. If the magnetic valve opens and air flows back into the chamber, the glans gets sucked intwo the upper chamber again. This i a realy realy wierd feeling. It feels like you penis gets pumped up and streches again and again, in cycels of 3 seconds. A lot of fun! Especialy in combination with the estim-device.


I made some nice gifs for your amusemenst:

 Suck1.gif     Suck2.gif     Suck3.gif   

....Brrrrrrrrt.......suck-suuck-suuuck-Suuuuck-SUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!......tickle-tihickle-tihihickle-tihihihickle-TIHIHIHIHICKLE!!!!!!!!.........squeeze-squeeeze-squeeeeze-SQUEEEEEZE!!!!!!!!!......... Brrrrrrrrt.......suck-suuck-suuuck-Suuuuck-SUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!......tickle-tihickle-tihihickle-tihihihickle-TIHIHIHIHICKLE!!!!!!!!.........squeeze-squeeeze-squeeeeze-SQUEEEEEZE!!!!!!!!!......... Brrrrrrrrt.......suck-suuck-suuuck-Suuuuck-SUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!......tickle-tihickle-tihihickle-tihihihickle-TIHIHIHIHICKLE!!!!!!!!.........squeeze-squeeeze-squeeeeze-SQUEEEEEZE!!!!!!!!!......... Brrrrrrrrt.......suck-suuck-suuuck-Suuuuck-SUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!......tickle-tihickle-tihihickle-tihihihickle-TIHIHIHIHICKLE!!!!!!!!.........squeeze-squeeeze-squeeeeze-SQUEEEEEZE!!!!!!!!!.........
You can´t say if you want it to stop or to go on! Wacko1 Wacko1 Wacko1

Contributors: Vacbedbound (3)