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Completed - Latex bed tie
Yesterday I finally got the chance to play after many aborted sessions.
Things I used:
3D printed Chastity device
Medium plug
Back massager
Full 0.6mm latex catsuit
Latex tank suit

7 piece cuff set
Luggage straps
Various steel ring
Socks and ice release

The setup;
It was an arms down spread eagle on the bed using ice cube in the sock as a release (one on each hand as redundancy)

I put the CB on an hour or so earlier then proceeded to give myself a flush out and install the plug using the short tank top suit to hold things in place. I then proceeded with the setup around the bed.
Once all the straps were set I got dressed in the full enclosure latex catsuit. Set the ice release and got ready to strap in. Last thing was to sit the back massager in place. It has quite a large head so I made use of the 4 way crotch zip to hold the head of it against the plug and perineum.
Time to start the vid and strap in. Feet and thighs first, then clip the collar in to stop me sitting up, start the vibe on low, and finally the hands. Clip in and pull the tensioner strap until you are stuck.
Enjoy the tease until the ice release occurs.
Unfortunately I was able to pull one of the sock holding the ice free when it was only half melted, still it gave me 20-25 minutes or so of restraint.
When I did get out it was straight to the massager reposition and set it to high... It happened :-D

I then spent an hour cleaning up afterwards including washing and drying the latex.

There is video but I was having vid card driver issues yesterday, hopefully resolved. When I get a chance I'll edit and upload.
(16 Feb 2016, 09:27 )ltxrob Wrote: 3D printed Chastity device
Can you elaborate? Wink
(16 Feb 2016, 09:27 )ltxrob Wrote: I then spent an hour cleaning up afterwards including washing and drying the latex.

Isn't that always the way - hours preparing, 20-30mins enjoying and then hours to tidy up afterwards...

Yes, one of the things I hate about self-bondage Big Grin
3d printed chastity devices...
(17 Feb 2016, 01:18 )ltxrob Wrote: 3d printed chastity devices...
Damn, I never would have thought about that! Impressive and hoping the video about the setup you use.
Finally manged to get the Video resolved... its currently uploading to Xtube.. ill add a link when "approved"
but for now here are a few screengrabs from it...

And yes I know I forgot to use the Gag!! was too keen to get going!! ;-)

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