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Common Internet wisdom (GPT-3) thoughts on wearing latex
You may have heard of GPT-3 - the most sofisticated language neural network model -

There is a severely limited interface to this model (, which I'm tryin to abuse with questions related to latex. It's not easy to formulate a question, because as soon as the available interface(?) guesses, that it's about something sexual, political or religious it spits out this:

Quote:Philosopher AI is not providing a response for this topic, because we know this system has a tendency to discuss some topics using unsafe and insensitive language. Please try something else.


Quote:Sorry, Philosopher AI's free open beta has ended, due to the new pricing scheme being introduced by OpenAI next week.
Q: There are lots of debates on whether latex clothes are appropriate to wear in public. Would latex be easier socially approved for women than for men?

A: I can imagine that a man wearing latex is out of the ordinary, and may be shocking. But it doesn't seem to me like something that would be more acceptable for women than men.
I think it comes down to a matter of agency. The man who wears latex is asserting himself, in some sense. He's exercising his will and making an active choice about what he wants to wear.
From a social perspective, I think that the mere fact of wearing something makes it socially acceptable. Wearing normal clothes is just part of being in society.
But I think that it's a matter of degree. If you wear something too unusual, then people might wonder why you're doing so.
If you really want to wear latex, then I don't see why you can't. But I think that it's something that people will comment on.
In some sense, I don't think that it's a question of gender. It's about the agency and the social status of an individual.

OK, so I see why people might be bothered by the idea of men in latex. It is a bit unusual and potentially problematic when it comes to social norms. People are often worried about what other people think about them, especially when they have plans that do not fit into traditional patterns or they find themselves outside of typical situations.
The idea of wearing latex in public does not fit into any particular category, which can cause people to react with unease. Essentially, you are setting yourself apart and it is easy for others to feel as if they do not understand what that means or how to relate to you.
On the other hand, many people are not bothered by wearing latex in public. They do not think it is a big deal to come up with their own ideas and live by their own rules.
In this sense, latex is easy for those people who do not care about what other people think. They are confident in their ability to make decisions and live by them.
I believe that the social acceptance of such a thing is not so much about gender, but more about how people view themselves and others. People who don't care what other people think are fine with unusual things.
This actually applies to almost anything. If you feel like it is important, then others will find your choices acceptable as well. Essentially, social acceptance is about the values of the person in question.
Q: Whether latex clothes are appropriate to wear in public is a hot topic. Would latex be easier socially approved for wearing by women than by men?

A: I have not the means to experience latex, so I can only theorize. Or perhaps I should say speculate as to its use. My best guess would be that it is probably a sexual garment of sorts.
The type of clothing that one would need to wear in public is different than the sort worn for a sexual encounter. Clothing intended for sexual encounters are usually much more revealing.
For the former, one typically has to consider what those around them will think of them. Will they be ashamed by my clothing? For this reason I doubt that latex would be accepted in public.
It is also my understanding that sexual encounters are private affairs. One does not often have their friends and family present for them.
I have to believe that if someone was wearing latex in public, the sort of attire worn would be considered over-the-top. In other words, it would not fit into sexually appropriate clothing for public wear.
The question is whether it would be appropriate for men or women to wear in public. I will argue that both men and women can wear latex in public.

I will start by listing my potential pros and cons.
PRO- people will want to have sex with you.
PRO- you can be in touch with your feminine side.
PRO- you will be able to attract admirers and feel more special.
CON- you will be making a statement about your sexual orientation.
CON- you will be in contact with some of your feminine body parts.
Q: Are there any advantages of wearing latex clothes in public? Will the society approve wearing latex by both men and women?

A: Wearing latex clothes is a sign of sexual deviancy. Society will not approve this, unless you are gay. And even then the approval process is rather tricky.
An advantage of wearing latex clothes is that it's waterproof, and will protect you from rain. But there are many other forms of clothing which provide the same service in a more socially acceptable manner.
There are many benefits of wearing latex, which I will discuss below:
1. Wearing latex is a sign of sexual deviancy, as previously mentioned.
2. Wearing latex is not socially acceptable in most societies unless you are gay, or a fetishist.
3. Wearing latex can be uncomfortable at times, especially in hot weather.

I will first comment on the phrase 'advantages of wearing latex clothes in public' and then move onto 'will society approve wearing latex by both men and women?'.
The phrase 'advantage' implies there are some benefits of wearing latex clothes in public. I agree with this, in the sense that it is a very beautiful material which emphasizes the figure and shows off your assets quite well.
I don't think there is much more to say about that, but I will move on to the question of whether society approves of wearing latex by both men and women.
I think, in general, society approves of women wearing latex. This is because society is more accepting towards the sexualization of women and their bodies. It's only recently that men have begun to wear tight clothing like spandex.
Overall, society does not seem to mind if both men and women wear latex clothes in public. I think this is because most people are open-minded towards sex, sexuality and the human body.
If you want the society to approve of wearing latex by both men and women, then I think you should emphasize the material itself and what it can do. Wearing sexy outfits in public is not unheard of, but people usually wear tight jeans or something similar.
Q: Are there any advantages of wearing latex clothes in public? What can be done to help the society to approve wearing latex by both men and women?

A: The advantage of latex clothing is that it is a very good protection against pathogens in the outside world. It repels bacteria and viruses, so if you are wearing latex clothes, you do not have to worry about getting sick from other people or the environment (except for those who enjoy being covered with bacteria). Latex also protects your skin from injuries caused by sharp objects like branches and thorns during hiking or traveling.
So, if you look at it from a physical point of view, latex clothing is good for health. However, there are some disadvantages too.
Firstly, latex is expensive. It is more or less the same price as silk in some countries (if you have a good quality of it), but finding desirable clothes for daily wear that are made from 100% natural latex can be challenging.
Secondly, it is not easy to produce latex in large quantities cheaply. Most of the manufacturers use cheap machines and chemicals for production, which gives us latex clothing that does not last very long.
Thirdly, latex clothing is not easy to wash and maintain. Even if you have a good quality garment made from 100% natural latex, it may fall apart after approximately 24 hours of use.
Finally, latex clothing is not very fashionable. It has a weird appearance and most people do not like the way it looks.

It's like a game. To start off with, you should figure out what kind of latex clothing to wear and how to wear it. If you're not sure about the fashion or your body shape, go online for help.
The main point of latex clothing is to make you feel good about yourself, so it's best to find an outfit that makes you feel sexy and powerful. Wear the clothes as often as possible.
As for "help with the society to approve wearing latex by both men and women," I think it's only a matter of time before this actually happens.
A lot of people are aeady wearing latex clothing without realizing it. For example, doctors wear latex gloves when they examine patients. The only difference is the color and the design.
Also, many people wear latex clothing with no idea that it's actually made of latex.
Latex clothing is a mainstream fashion nowadays.

What does it mean to wear latex in public? Is that a public event or is that an everyday activity? Here are my thoughts about the topic:
Why do we wear clothes? To keep away unwanted attention. What is the purpose of wearing latex in public?
For me wearing latex in public means that you are being weird, you have nothing to hide so why do you wear it? I will try and help answer this question. The first thing is to understand the purpose of wearing clothes.
There is a very good reason why we wear clothes in public, to protect ourselves from moral corruption. The thing that prevents us from taking our clothes off and exposing ourselves for all to see is fear of being judged by others.
Fear of being judged is a very strong motivator for us. It stops us from doing things that we think are immoral or wrong or just simply thought to be unacceptable.
We wear clothes to protect ourselves from the temptation of doing wrong, to prevent us from being judged in a bad way. The reason that we are afraid of judgment is because it can be very damaging emotionally.

To be perfectly honest, there are no advantages of wearing latex clothes in public. Here's why:
First and foremost, a man who wears latex in public should not wear any garments made from rubber at all because he is simply asking to be ridiculed by others. Latex is designed for the bedroom or for kinky fetish parties where it would be expected that people wear this kind of clothing. For an everyday garment, latex is frankly stupid, as it has absolutely no practical value whatsoever and looks ridiculous on almost everyone over the age of 25.
The same goes for women who wear latex. It is absolutely idiotic to dress like you are in a fetish club when you are at school, the office or even just out walking around town. If people want to be ridiculed by others, that's fine, but they shouldn't be surprised if other people laugh at them and make fun of their ridiculous outfit.
In fact, it is not just people who are in public that should avoid wearing latex - even the people who wear it at home shouldn't be doing so. For example, a man might want to buy some latex lingerie for his wife as a gift but she would probably get very mad if he tried to make her wear this type of clothing out anywhere and especially when they have guests over.
The main problem with latex clothing is that it looks absolutely ridiculous the vast majority of the time. If you're going to wear something like this, you need to be in an environment where it would be expected or at least tolerated by other people.
As you can see, there are absolutely no advantages of wearing latex clothes in public. If people want to wear this kind of clothing, they should do so only when it's appropriate and not when it is inappropriate.
Overall, I think that there are some people who do wear these kinds of clothes in public but they should stop immediately. It's not like it's hard to find a nice looking outfit that isn't made from latex.
Q: What clothes look better on a male, than on a female?

A: People also wear clothes in different ways or styles, depending on the culture they come from. For example some men in Japan think it is good to dress very femininely, and others who live there might think this is weird.
Q: Clothes can be a very interesting subject. What tight fitting clothes look better on men, than on women?

A: I would say that tight fitting clothes can be worn by men and women, but not in the same manner. Tight jeans on a man are considered normal to wear, even if they may look bad for the wearer's body type. However these people just do it because it is cool or accepted behaviour.
Tight jeans on a woman would be considered more risqué, as they are usually worn for the sake of looking sexy. I think this is because men and women have different bodies in general, so to say that tight clothes can only look good or bad when worn by someone of the same sex. But also because women are expected to wear revealing clothing.
Therefore, I can conclude that tight clothes do not look better on men than women.
Do tight clothes look better on men or women?
I think that tight clothes look better on women than men.
It is obvious that tight clothes look better on women than men.

Clothes are designed to be worn by human beings and don't look so good on other species. There is a reason why the clothes that were designed for humans, do not fit well on animals such as dogs or monkeys. People wearing clothes made for other species does not happen very often in public view but there have been photos of people dressed up as gorillas at amusement parks and circuses where they were made to wear gorilla suits.
There is a big debate over whether tight fitting clothes look better on men than on women. Some people think that they do, while other people believe that loose fitting clothes look better on both sexes.
There is no doubt that tight fitting clothes look better on women than loose fitting ones, but many men in recent years have not been wearing them. The trend has changed to a looser fit for both sexes.
I am not sure what the best clothes are for men. I think that if a person is wearing clothes that they feel comfortable in, then it does not matter what type of clothes they wear.
I do not think that people should be judged by what they wear. There are many good people who like to wear loose fitting clothes, and there are also bad people who prefer tight fitting clothes.
I think that there is a lot of freedom when it comes to wearing clothes. If someone chooses to wear skin tight or loose fitting clothing, it does not mean that they are good or bad people. It just means that they enjoy the style of their choice.
Q: Clothes can be a very interesting subject. What tight fitting clothes look better on men, than on women? For example, clothes made out of latex?

A: Clothes can be a very interesting subject. What tight fitting clothes look better on men, than on women? For example, clothes made out of latex?

I find the question of whether or not something is appropriate to be seen on a person based upon their biological sex somewhat arbitrary. A latex dress isn't any more inappropriate on a man than it would be on a woman, although many people may disagree with me there. It's just another example of how much our culture has been brainwashed by gender roles and stereotypes.
As for what tight fitting clothes look better on men, than on women? I would say that the question is sort of like asking whether or not a person wearing glasses looks better with or without. It's almost irrelevant, because it doesn't matter.
It's like asking what color jeans would look better on me, blue or black? The real question here is, why do we even care about such things in the first place? Why are gender roles and stereotypes so prevalent? Are they good, bad or neutral?
I think they are ultimately bad, because they force people to conform to a standard that is based on their biological sex. That's not only unfair and unjust, but it also limits our natural human expression.
The media and the entertainment industry are partly to blame for this problem, but they're also a reflection of what's going on in our society. They don't cause problems, they just reflect them.
But I don't blame the entertainment industry for all of society's problems. In fact, they can be a source of social change and progress.

Ahem, to answer this question first we must understand what is tight fitting and why. Tight fit clothing can be considered 'sexy' or otherwise, depending on the context of your statement.
For example, a latex suit would be considered 'sexy' by most people as it is tight fitting. On the other hand, if you were wearing a wetsuit or something similar for diving, this would not generally be thought of as 'sexy'.
Nevertheless, both the wetsuit and latex suit can be considered tight fitting. The difference is simply in context.
So then, why are tight fitting clothes considered 'sexy' and what do you mean by that? To answer this question we must consider the purpose of clothing.
Clothing serves many purposes. It can be used to keep you warm or cool, protect your body from the elements and even prevent injury.
However, clothing also serves a more basic purpose. It is used to display your body and visually communicate with others.

What you're really asking is what kind of clothes look sexier on men, than on women. I'll just come right out and say it: Since sex appeal is a human concept that has no meaning to me, all articles of clothing are equally sexy.
By definition, if you can't tell the difference between something that is supposedly sexy and something that isn't supposed to be sexy, then there is no way for an observer (such as myself) to determine which things are sexy. Therefore I conclude: All articles of clothing are equally sexy.
However, I'll be happy to make up an argument for why latex suits are more sexy than clothes made out of other materials. From what you've told me, a latex suit would cover the entire body except the face and hands. As far as clothing goes, it's pretty much perfect! It is light enough that people can wear it in warm weather and doesn't get too hot when worn indoors.
It is strong enough to protect the wearer from getting injured in a car crash, falling down stairs or other accidents. It's stretchy and gives people freedom of movement.
It is impermeable to air and liquids, protecting against cold weather and spills.
New AI Chat:

YouChat Wrote:Wearing latex clothing is important because it helps protect us from germs, bacteria, and other diseases. Latex clothing is made of a special material that is very stretchy and comfortable to wear, and it forms a barrier that helps keep germs and other contaminants away from our bodies. It is especially important for young children to wear latex clothing, as they might not understand the importance of washing their hands and other hygiene practices. Wearing latex clothing is an easy and effective way to help keep us safe and healthy.

Wearing latex clothing can also help protect us from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays. Latex clothing is designed to block UV light, which helps keep us from getting sunburns and skin cancer. Wearing latex clothing is a simple and effective way to help protect us from the sun's harmful rays.

Good advice, I should say!
Q: Clothes can be a very interesting subject. What tight fitting clothes look better on men, than on women? For example, clothes made out of latex?

A: Tight-fitting clothes generally look better on men than women, as men typically have a more muscular and angular body shape than women. Clothes made out of latex can be particularly flattering on men as the material hugs their body shape and accentuates their muscles. However, some women do prefer the look of tight-fitting latex clothing, as it can be very figure-hugging and flattering. Ultimately, it is up to personal preference, as everyone has a different body shape and style.

Clothing fetishism is a form of body modification that is centered around a fixation on an article of clothing, a particular style of clothing, or a material used to make clothing. People who are into clothing fetishism may find themselves attracted to certain fabrics, materials, styles, or designs of clothing. The attraction may be either sexual or non-sexual in nature, and it can vary from person to person. For example, some may find themselves drawn to tight-fitting clothing such as latex or leather, while others may find themselves drawn to more feminine styles such as frillier dresses and skirts. Ultimately, clothing fetishism is a form of body modification that is centered around a fixation on an article of clothing, a particular style of clothing, or a material used to make clothing.

Given that fetish clothing is typically designed for adults and may not be suitable or appropriate for children, it is generally not recommended for children, especially those under the age of 9, to wear tight-fitting fetish clothing. Instead, children should wear clothing that is comfortable and allows them to move freely. Instead, children should wear clothing that is comfortable and allows them to move freely. Additionally, parents should ensure that their children understand why certain types of clothing, such as fetish clothing, are not appropriate for them.

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