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Colon Hydrotherapy
Not really a session, but Ra encouraged me to post this. I sometimes get colonics (aka colon hydrotherapy in the US) for personal health reasons and and while it really isn't a sexual thing (it really is a health thing), that moment when the therapist (in this case female) is standing in front of me putting lube on a speculum (which looks like a smallish dildo) and sliding it into my ass always gives me a moment of "wow, that's hot!"

She isn't beautiful, I don't get an erection, but the last time I went we chatted away during the 50 minute session about mountain biking and gardening while I can feel this piece of hard plastic in my ass filling me and emptying me... a surreal experience to say the least.

As most of you know, I am a hetero male and mostly a materials fetishist: spandex, latex, heels, corsets, cross dressing, etc. with a strong interest in self-bondage so talking about this little "quirk" of mine is a little uncomfortable. However, if you are at all into enema play, try colon hydrotherapy. There are two systems in the US: open and closed. Open involves sitting on something that looks like a very large reclining toilet with a small (1/2") speculum that puts the water in while waste comes out "naturally" whenever one feels like releasing. It is sort of like a 45 minute continuous enema. 

Closed is quite a bit more steampunk and I do not recommend it for a first timer. It is what I described at the beginning of this post and uses a larger speculum. A small inner tube puts the water in and the large outer tube carries the waste back to the machine. There's no suction and you cannot "push" at all, the speculum will come out! The machine has lots of gauges and dials so those with medical fetishes will probably love it. The therapist lets you "fill" until you say you're full, then he or she turns a valve to the "empty" position. There is some body awareness involved and I find I have to get into the mindset of relaxing and being receptive. "Going with the flow" takes on a completely new meaning Smile .

The therapist I go to has done this for decades so she has quite a few "tricks." One is using a clamp to modulate the pressure in the tube. She is so skilled at this that I sometimes feel like I am getting a massage from the inside, a freaky but very enjoyable sensation. She also massages my abdomen expertly. Again, nothing at all sexual, but a very worthwhile experience if you have the opportunity (and interest).

If there is any interest, maybe next time I will post one of my favorite self-bondage sessions or my experience with the "encasement Mistress" Jasmine Ling in Portland Oregon several years ago.