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Collars & Chokers
I love the look of a collar or choker around the neck of a woman. Having a collar wrapped around my own neck feels great and is such a personal turn-on for me. Here are a couple of pictures which interest me:

A5C572C5-8724-40D5-9760-0729F7B4068B.jpeg thumbnail    A6AE26CA-F7DB-4ED5-ADE9-B7C9C8F998B7.jpeg thumbnail    17303AA6-4ADD-4780-AD8C-A54D3DFEBEE6.jpeg thumbnail   

Please share your favorites as well!
Good idea! Love collars and chokers!
Pink Pet
044D3ADD-3AD3-4196-9198-882DDC96D26E.jpeg thumbnail   

41FA7703-7B3A-4CFD-AD8B-558E103EA7EE.jpeg thumbnail   

Good Girls?
5F00BBBD-071A-4DB1-9878-8C8971969BCF.jpeg thumbnail    F7FFA32E-D4AB-4E1F-847B-0BB7FCDB7144.jpeg thumbnail    DF24BA08-799A-4701-87F4-189DCE5A08F2.jpeg thumbnail   

Not So Good Girls... ;P 
9494B825-829A-4104-A80E-5C6B1901AA9F.jpeg thumbnail    A2106BC8-E6BF-4BA6-BCD7-85469814999F.jpeg thumbnail    DB430574-3CDE-4A8F-9EC5-5D0799F9EF3F.jpeg thumbnail   
Interesting, my first thought was this:

collars&chokers-06-portman_mathilda_leon.jpg thumbnail    collars&chokers-05-portman_mathilda_leon.gif thumbnail    collars&chokers-04-portman_mathilda_leon.jpg thumbnail    collars&chokers-03-portman_mathilda_leon.jpg thumbnail    collars&chokers-02-portman_mathilda_leon.jpg thumbnail    collars&chokers-01-portman_mathilda_leon.jpg thumbnail    collars&chokers-07-portman_mathilda_leon.jpg thumbnail   
(19 Sep 2018, 23:57 )Like Ra Wrote: Interesting, my first thought was this:

Ah, “Leon: The Professional”. Loved that film!

Yeah, I’d classify her as a “bad girl”. I mean he had her trained up as an assassin by the end of the movie. Big Grin
Have you seen the "director's cut"? It's 25min longer, much ... naughtier ... yet more real.
(20 Sep 2018, 00:30 )Like Ra Wrote: Have you seen the "director's cut"? It's 25min longer, much ... naughtier ... yet more real.

No, I haven’t. I just have a dusty, old DVD somewhere on the shelf. I’ll have to see if I can stream it!
A little bit of glam.
2768C00A-FB81-4C60-9093-23CB13959FF2.jpeg thumbnail    0E08B4FB-B794-48A4-9740-ACF8AE114C76.jpeg thumbnail   

B80B8D85-9BE3-4DE3-960A-5D549161DE4B.jpeg thumbnail    C049192E-DC15-4367-8CF4-3370E47BB034.gif thumbnail   

D6002F66-0477-4AE0-92A4-43B992D14EA8.jpeg thumbnail   

Lead me
B307CDA4-3CE4-4A49-8D6D-BD9516CD8A49.jpeg thumbnail    A74E20DA-6292-4055-AB9E-682BFA7F77CE.jpeg thumbnail    9A86BB72-BA37-4D14-AB11-A6FAB434178C.jpeg thumbnail    828A86DA-648F-428F-B720-30B8857257D5.jpeg thumbnail   
I think this is the proper thread for the poor boy:

hypno_feminization_03.jpg thumbnail   
...or her. [animated]
DDB75F4F-1B84-4BF1-90CE-6E959FE1D02D.gif thumbnail   

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