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Clicking on members hyperlinks doesn't work anymore
Just sayin...


(Chrome on Win10 64-bit, same on Chrome under Android 8).
"As I lay here, straining against my bonds, I know this... I feel more free than I've ever felt in my life" - Sunstone
(16 Dec 2018, 19:23 )Althend Wrote: Just sayin...

(Chrome on Win10 64-bit, same on Chrome under Android 8).

Copy that - it's the same with Win10 on Edge too.... getting the dreaded "HTTP 500" message

Send out the Ra signal, we need his help... 

Yep, noticed that as well. Tried usual things, but with no success. I'm getting "white Screen of Death". And no, I did not do anything with the forum.
Fixed 😉 That was quite a chain of event. There is a broken plugin, which did not produce any error, until a new package was installed in the system. It turned out, that the plugin redefines some functions from that package, what was throwing an error. I commented out the function redefinition and it started working again. Disabling the plugin helps too 😉

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