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Catsuit/bodysuit searching
For starters, I am 21 male into self bondage, and cross dressing, I also live in the United States, Virginia specifically. Now back to the point, I have been searching for quite awhile for a catsuit/bodysuit. Ideally with attached feet and gloves and has a hood, i.e. no openings besides eyes, nose and mouth, and a crotch zip of course ;-). It seems to be a rather hard find, I don't really want to order from china but if that is all there is then fine. I would love someone else's input on what to get, to avoid etc.
please and thank you in advance
There are a couple of companies in the UK who could make that for you. My favourite is Libidex (I have five of their suits and five dresses). Not cheap but excellent cut/style /service, all their stuff is customisable and they'll make the female styles based on a male cut if you want/need that. Cocoon is another possibility. I've not personally had any dealings with them for around twenty years but I've heard of (and seen) some good custom work they've done.

If you decide to go with the Chinese option be wary of the sizing, I've heard their 'large' tends to be more like a Western 'medium'.
Yeah the sizing warning is why I am wary, need to save up some cash for either company but they both look absolutely wonderful

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