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House of self-bondage
House of self-bondage
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Captive in the bathroom - part 1
One of my most recent fantasies is to be bound in a straightjacket, gagged and sensory-depriived, chained to a wall and left like a slave.
Much like this:

This session combines several of those  elements and stands as a (failed) attempt at a timed inescapable bondage.

My attire: thick blakc pantyhose ripped at the front and a shiny blue bycicle suit, in which I cut and sew a large opening to expose my genitals. On top I was wearing a steel chastity belt ( I wish it had a penis plug) and a D-shaped shackle as a ball stretcher, the first time I tried it.
 20190514_152626.jpg     20190514_152638.jpg   

On my head, in order: earplugs, an old swimsuit cap, a red faceless lycra hood from a broken zentai suit and this:
I like the concept of this hood very much, but it's quite a pain to lace up tight and often I just haphazardly tighten it and just buckle the collar. This turned out to be a small mistake, more on that later.
Moreover, the blindfold can be slid off the eye holes by rubbing your head against a wall. I'm planning to river a belt on my forehead ot keep it in place.

Here is the main bondage tool: my own straight-harness, all tangled up. 
This time I tried a recent addition: instead of using the elbow straps to secure my elbows to the waist loop I devised a pair of shackles (two large dog collars) and two straps pulling the shackles towards a ring at the back of the harness and then looping at the front to press my arms againt my body.
This way there is a single buckle securing your elbows, which ideally sits central on the chest and out of reach of struggling hands.

I would tie my legs and knees with collars and carabiners, they were out of frame.


I relied on the computer tray release as a primary escame method, attaching the keys to the padlocks to a weighted strap which falls down as the tray is opened. The timer is randomised between 60 and 90 minutes.
The secondary release was another set of keys frozen in ice. 

I also tried a new camera setup: using this software  I took pictures every second from two different webcams: one integrated in my laptop and another dangling from an overhead strap, the same one that keeps the primary keys out of reach.
The laptop wasn't tilted down far enough, and I ended up recording mostly my bathroom door.

Donning the harness:

Then wearing the swimcap and red hood, and securing the armpieces. I had aeady fastened the collars on my elbows.
 2019-05-14282.jpg     2019-05-14317.jpg   

At this point I secure my legs together.

Doning and tightening the hood as best as I could, the gag was inserted and the blindfold rested on my forehead.

 2019-05-14411.jpg     image377.jpg   

Chaining the collar to the wall


Wrapping the outer straps around the collars (through both the D-ring and the buckle) and loosely strapping both at the front. Both straps are secured via carapiners to the D-rings on the collars, threaded through a ring at the back and then out and around my arms to the front, where a buckle holds them together.
Only one carabiner is secured  to the D ring at this stage because I need some elbow mobility to make adjustments and pull down the blindfold, which I do next.

 image569.jpg     2019-05-14712.jpg     image614.jpg   

It was now that I realised I couldn't breathe so easily: the loose hood was rotating upwards for some reason and the nostril holes were sliding away from their position. Plus my nose was a bit clogged..

Better safe than smothered: I removed the gag.


Undeterred, I complete my imprisonment.

Threading the padlocks through the palm loops, securing  the left arm and tightening the chest strap

 2019-05-14771.jpg     2019-05-14790.jpg     2019-05-14816.jpg   

The last padlock goes in and that's it!


the rush is palpable, my cock grows and throbs from within its cage, pulling the ball stretching shackle and tugging my testes. I feel every pulse asnd it's amazing.

 2019-05-14896.jpg     2019-05-14907.jpg     2019-05-14918.jpg   

I roll face down and on my right side since I realise the chain might wrap around my neck

 2019-05-14953.jpg     2019-05-14961.jpg     2019-05-141022.jpg   

Tugging on the chain. It could have been a bit shorter, but I'm not going anywhere for sure!



At this point, I heas a noise through my plugs, sounds vaguely like my telephone. I then think that the next event might be somebody walking in (they have the keys to my apartment) and find me trapped like this.
I panic, rush to the iced keys and discover that the ice has weakened enough that I can crush it with a single hand.
I obtain the keys to my freedom, and that's it!

 2019-05-142086.jpg     2019-05-142126.jpg   

Time in bondage: ~ 32 mins
I took care of the "nuisance" and then had a go at another session - part two 2 coming soon.

  • I really need to practice lacing up that hood
  • I could have slid off the blindfold without much hassle but I decided to play along.
  • without the gag in, it's easy to peek down through the mouth hole from within the hood
  • I, however, was kind of glad that I could peek down since I tried for the forst time thae DIY ball stretcher. My scrotum was a bit dark(as expected) but not too blue ot make me worry about accidentally castrating myself. I kept it on only for an hour and a half or so, anyway.
  • The bare-naked arms plus the pantyhose allowed me to cool off and not sweat much during preparation. If I add latex into the mix I'm afraid I might not bear 1h+ worth of sweat, usually I end my sessions much sooner.
  • I need to work more on the ice part - I shouldn't have been able to retrieve the secondary keys so easily. I used a plastic shot glass and left it in the freezer for almost three hours. Suggestions?
All in all, a nice test of new materials and techniques and an enjoyable, although curtailed, session of captivity.
I want to do this in a dark basement now!
I guess the only way to make the ice harder is to have a larger container and let it freeze fully. You could put a tub in and fill it with a few millimetres of water. Let that freeze, then put the key in. And fill to the top and let that freeze. That way the key isn’t at the surface and you would have to physically ship the ice away or melt it using your body heat?