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Cape Self-Mummification
I am full of ideas these days. In a different thread, I reported that it should be possible to use a stack of water crates to wrap oneself with cling film (under "Zentai and plastic self-mummification"). Now, I got the idea, that doing that while wearing a cape might be easier, because the cape itself will do a good job on the torso and arms. There is, however, a small problem: It could be extremely difficult to get out of such a wrap alone, without destroying the cape.

Well, I bought two rolls of the cheapest cling wrap, each 50m, which turned out to be quite strong and started a first experiment: I have a buttoned cape from strong rubberised material, and I thought. this should allow me to get through to the film and destroy it. I made a stack from two office boxes with drawers, wrapped cling film around it at the height of my hips and a bit above. Then I put on the cape and grabbed the end of the cling film in between two buttons and wrapped. While wrapping, I also folded the excess width of the cape a bit to make it tighter. The film wrapped nicely around my hips and belly, but I could not pull it really tight, because the film didn't adhere to the cape. In the end, though, my lower body was effectively sealed off from reach with my hands. It turned out then, that I could pull out the cape from the cling foil belt relativey easily. If pvc has similar adhesion with cling film, it will be the same there.

At first sight, this is bad, but here is what I think:

If the cape can be pulled up, it means that I can reach the wrap eventually and start cutting or tearing it apart. Until then, I am tightly wrapped in pvc, which is probably much nicer to struggle against and will effectively keep me from escaping right away. It might even create an illusion of a secure mummification for a while (that usually ends right away after I come). And while wrapped up to the shoulders, perhaps with some over-the-shoulder wraps to seal it off, I can't pull the cape out. Instead, I will have to shift some of it up, until I can reach the wrap and break it, then work my way up. According to my experiences, it will take a while, before I will start such a challenge. This sounds good enough to carry on. More later.
I used to do something like that but I used trash bags instead of the cape and sticky tape instead of the cling-wrap. Under the bag my hands were bound behind my back.

Yes, yes, I have the photos ;-D Will publish ... later 😉
you probably meant "Under the back, my hands ...." and I also thought of plastic backs 😁

I like the cape idea, because of the hood and because I would never destroy it unless I had no other choice. But I will also try the bag variant, because I can be much more daring and it makes it easy to enclose the shoulders.
(16 Dec 2010, 20:46 )Strappado Wrote: you probably meant "Under the back, my hands ...." and I also thought of plastic backs 😁
Fixed 😉

(16 Dec 2010, 20:46 )Strappado Wrote: I like the cape idea, because of the hood
I usually wear a latex hood.

(16 Dec 2010, 20:46 )Strappado Wrote: and because I would never destroy it unless I had no other choice.
Mmm... Destroying the bag was supposed to be the only release method, as far as I remember, but I think I managed to move it up a bit and got to the knife.

(16 Dec 2010, 20:46 )Strappado Wrote: But I will also try the bag variant, because I can be much more daring and it makes it easy to enclose the shoulders.
And bags are disposable 😉
Since I had all the boxes in place, I tried a simple mummification from upper legs up to the shoulders. At first I was a bit annoyed, because the lowest box has wheels and I could not pull the wrap as tight as I wanted, but when more and more layers added, I found that it was definitely tight enough. The last wraps were around the upper legs, and I made sure, that the parts going from one leg to the other were as tight as possible.

No idea, how much of the wrap I used. During the first experiment, I used some, with this try, I used up the rest of the 50m roll.

It was amazingly restricting, arms flat against my sides - a bit to the back. I layed on my bed and had a hard time getting up again. I wiggled around for a while and enjoyed this situation. Then I decided to free myself and this was easier than expected. I could move my arms to the front and pop them out - I think, at a place with only very few layers of plastic. As a result, I had a hobble skirt and a tight top including my upper arms. The hobble skirt slipped down easily, but I had to cut the top part.

I have two ideas for the next times:

Wrap my arms and hands first, before applying the general wraps. This should provide much more friction and make it harder to move the arms from their original position. I have to think of one, flat to the sides is not my favorite.

Wrap my arms together with a considerable amount of wrap, like an armbinder, then continue around the body. I am not exactly sure, how to do these initial wraps properly yet. I tried with the wrap on the back of a chair, but this didn't work.
Try a couple of sticky tape rolls over pantyhose encasement 😉
The main reason for using cling wrap is that it distributes the pressure evenly, if properly wrapped.

I got an idea for more daring things, like wrapping myself wearing a cape or even the bolero armbinder: I have to fix one or more hooks firmly to the wall, which I can then use to tear apart the plastic wrap. Especially for opening the bolero zipper, I need to remove most of the wrap first. This is a long term project, I think.

But there is something else that I can accomplish soon: I want to find out, how much wrap is necessary for a secure enclosure. I will also look for wider and stronger wrap, as used to secure pallettes for transport.

This could be useful:
I thought about the car safety belt cutters.They are more robust and will cut pretty much everything you can put on yourself (except chains, of course).

The question is how to fix it.

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