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I'm on businesstrip right now and will try to sleep in light bondage tonight.
I use two long ropes as anchorlines, one for ankles, one for wrists. Both ropes have two large bound loops. Around each loop is a knot bound by a shorter rope, that is shiftable to make the loop bigger or smaller.
The bondage should not be very strict. I hope for a nice feeling when waking up unable to move hands or feet.

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Hope it was what you expected. :-D
Ah... fond memories of those halcyon days Big Grin

Business trips with my 'special' luggage bag always in the car boot - no hotel room would be left unscarred by my ropes or chains (and I wasn't the first person to add some strange marks to a chair in some rooms....)

Happy times indeed.

Thanks for your comments.

All went well, exiting experience.

Only had little sleep. Stayed awake some time because of exitement :-D
That is the main outcome when I've tried similar 'away from home' activities!! :-D