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Bridesmaid selfbondage with ice lock
I have been experimenting a bit with the DIY ice lock and after a few disappointing sessions I am finally getting somewhere.

For this session I decided to dress up as a bridesmaid. White spandex clothes as a base. Over that I put on some sexy lingery, shiny thigh high stockings with a pale pink satin suspender belt, a pale pink padded bra with lace details and a nice sexy thong with flowery details. Then a short pink satin dress to cover it all up, or most of it anyway.

As you all know it always is a challenge to tie yourself up inescapably but with a guaranteed release. I often don't try to break free because I enjoy the feeling and to not risk breaking the release method (wires can get tangled, you can knock stuff over that can get you in trouble, etc). By using the ice lock I can go for a tie that I can try to break free from and if I don't succeed I will just have to wait for the lock to open. I tie my legs in a frog tie, loop some rope around my chest and upper arms and then pull my arms into a box tie. The ice lock has been in the freezer for over 48 hours so it will take the maximum time before it releases, better try to escape or I will be here for a long time.

Spoiler: I did manage to escape, it took around 15 minutes. I also have an idea to make this same tie more challenging next time and I plan to continue doing so until I'm stuck waiting for the ice to melt.

Sorry about the video quality Sad

For the curious: after I got out I suspended the ice lock and went on with my day. It released after another 4 hours! It took only 3 hours with my first test but then it was in the freezer for only 3 hours. Now I know, get out or be stuck for half a day Smile
Hi Anne

Wow another excellent session - loved the whole scene Big Grin

The box tie of your arms/wrists looked very clever, though you did manage to escape Tongue

Has inspired me to think about something similar - is the ice-lock a home made or brought device? I think a smaller (shorter time) one would be better for me... 4hours would be a very long session!

Great post

Thanks for the compliment!

Yes I escaped Wink But next time I will attach the ratchet a bit closer to the ice lock, it will give me another 5 cm I can use to pull the strap tighter, that will probably do the trick as it was very close this time.

It is home made, I followed Ra's instructions. I did not add insulation as the plastic does not feel cold against the skin and it takes 4 hours now so that is indeed more than long enough. I made the lock with a 50mm pipe, they also sell exactly the same in 30mm (or 32?), I plan to make one later, I estimate the release time for one of those to around an hour.

The ice lock takes less than an hour to make and it's only like 10€, definitely worth it!
(04 Mar 2013, 22:38 )Anne Wrote: they also sell exactly the same in 30mm (or 32?)
Yes, I think that this size (32 mm with insulation) is the most optimal design. Even if all the water get splashed on/in your bed, it will not be a disaster. Yet it will give you at least an hour of inescapable (well, it depends, doesn't it? ;-) self-bondage fun.

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