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Blogs with a lot of latex

one of my favorites:

I like the lines, pale make-up and retro-look
Excellent find! Thanks much!

Probably we need a separate thread for latex links?

Update: Let's make this thread the master for such licks. I've tweaked the header a bit.
There is of course 'Diary of a Latex Lady',
'Latex Lady' claims to have lived her life in complete rubber enclosure since New Years Day 2005 but it's widely believed to all be an elaborate hoax. Whether the 24/7 claim is truth or fantasy her rubber burqas worn over transparent skinsuits and high heeled boots look enormous fun.

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More pics:
This blog might not belong here exactly, it is about fetish and kink, including latex of course.

Enjoy my blog.
Updated daily for over 2 years... Smile