Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
Like Ra's Naughty Playground

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silicone bodysuit
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crossdresser silicone mask
(RAIGEKI MAKS 134) Silicone Helloween Cosplay Mask Girl Crossdressing BJD DOLL Kigurumi Anime Cosplay Mask

transparent pantyhose
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Bishop's art

Let's see what I've got. If anybody has the stories illustrated by Bishop, could you please upload them in the Archive section?
 Bish0001.jpg     Bish0002.jpg     Bish0003.jpg     Bish0004.jpg     Bish0005.jpg     Bish0006.jpg     Bish0007.jpg     Bish0008.jpg     Bish0009.jpg     Bish0010.jpg   
I think I have seen many on tumblr...

Yes, I've seen many sites featuring Bishop's art. My idea is to upload everything I've got in one place.
 Bish0011.jpg     Bish0012.jpg     Bish0013.jpg     Bish0014.jpg     Bish0015.jpg     Bish0016.jpg     Bish0017.jpg     Bish0018.jpg     Bish0019.jpg     Bish0020.jpg   
(25 Dec 2017, 20:50 )krinlyc Wrote: I think I have seen many on tumblr...


interesting find, thanks

Bookmarked the site
Do not forget to save the images you like. Those sites tend to disappear suddenly...
 Bish0021.jpg     Bish0022.jpg     Bish0023.jpg     Bish0024.jpg     Bish0025.jpg     Bish0026.jpg     Bish0027.jpg     Bish0028.jpg     Bish0029.jpg     Bish0030.jpg   
 Bish0031.jpg     Bish0032.jpg     Bish0033.jpg     Bish0034.jpg     Bish0035.jpg     Bish0036.jpg     Bish0037.jpg     Bish0038.jpg     Bish0039.jpg     Bish0040.jpg   
 Bish0041.jpg     Bish0042.jpg     Bish0043.jpg     Bish0044.jpg     Bish0045.jpg     Bish0046.jpg     Bish0047.jpg     Bish0048.jpg     Bish0049.jpg     Bish0050.jpg   

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