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Aversion therapy?
Having seen this

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and heard this

the Rubber Nun from Hell (thanks MadJack!) feels it necessary to offer 'Britney Aversion Therapy'.

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Just in case Ra feels left out Wink

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If her yard-stick's ineffective Sister has her 'little ways'. 'Image association' is one of them; a few hours with Sister and her 'accoutrements' and images like the one on the right won't have anything like the same appeal.
The return of The Rubber Nun from Hell  Wink

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And again. I wonder if the William G Burroughs reference will be picked up this time?  Wink

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BTW, always wanted to ask - what for transparent hood/mask are you wearing?
The transparent hood is from Libidex, the black and white rubber is from DeMask.