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Analhook cuffs prototype.
Today i built a Analhook wristcuffs protoype. I milled it at work, from a solid block of stainless steel.

My idea is that your hands are Tied on your back by the coffs, that are connected to a analhook to hold them in place over your Butt. I have two keys for the Screw. One i will frezze to a rope and hang it on the ceiling. The other one, i will use to close the cuffs and drop it someware, were i can't reach it when i am tied.
It should works like this:

First you put on the cuffs and close them with the smal screws on the hook holder parts. One is for the left hand and one for the right hand. Now you put your hands on your back and lead the long end of the Analhook in the long hookholder part. When you are deep enoth, you can push the short  hookholder part in the gap of the long hookholder part and insert the Analhook completely. this will hold the hands togeteher. At last tighten the screw at the end of the long hookholder part to fix the hook in place.

 IMG_7610.JPG     IMG_7611.JPG     IMG_7612.JPG     IMG_7613.JPG   

It is a prototype because it does not work verry good in the moment. The ankle of the hook doesnt fit and it is realy hard to close the cuffs my back.
but i am shure i will find a way to make it better.
Fantastic idea! I wonder if it's possible to add a timer.
If, instead of the screw to tighten the hook and keep the thing locked, you drill a hole, you could put one of these electronic timers that are regularly advertized. It might also be easier to close the thing that way.

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