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Alternatives to the Hitachi Magic Wand
I assume that when it comes to vibrators - Hitachi might be one of the best options even for men. Is that true? And the next question would be - are there any alternatives that are either (1) smaller, or (2) quieter?
Good question (since I'm going to buy a similar mains power vibrator...)
Al a vibrator is, is a motor ( ac or dc ) and an off centered weight mounted in a housing. The little porn shop carries the cd kinds, and way over price.
A good one to have is one that the head moves only a tiny bit, but very fast.
You could get an old hair trimmer, remove the blades and add ball to where the blades were.
The results would a small, powerfull vibrator with almost any size head, from a small toothbrush to a large baseball.
For me, the Hitachi's vibrations are weak (i.e. the head is too big). I like the Wahl 4120 vibrator and its smaller head. It reaches in deep, even when I am tucked.

It is smaller than the Hitachi.

All the powerful vibrators are going to be noisy. The noise comes from an electromagnet pulling a metal shaft back and forth creating vibrations (physical vibrations and audio vibrations). (Not sure I would call it a motor.) Perhaps, with some good design, you could lesson the noise coming from the shaft area and the housing. My experience, the quieter ones are less intense.
I'm also in the market for a smaller, mains powered (so I can set up cycles on a timer) massager - the Wahl one looks interesting but how big is it?

Also I need one that can be left in a 'switched on' state - again so that I can set it to tease me in cycles whilst I'm bound.

Interesting thread - hope someone discovers a neat device 😁

Yes, I am looking for something that no matter how much I squirm around, it should stay put.
Tried an idea the other day. With six strips of tape, I taped a small vibrator to the end of the penis. While in bondage, this guy just went buzzing its merry way, and I was enjoying it till the batteries went out.
But, it gave me an idea.
But, it's time for coffee and some thinking.
(23 Dec 2013, 14:37 )Tinker D Wrote: no matter how much I squirm around, it should stay put.
Recently I experimented with an enema bag. Hang a line (wire, rope, string) along and over your bed or the place where you are going to lay bound, hang the vibrator off the line using a ring (or a snap hook) that will slide along the line.

The weight of the vibrator will be supported by the line, all you need to do is to fix the head in place (but it's easier to do now, with a sticky tape, rope or harness), so it follows all your movements.
A little hard to picture this, but are you saying to tape a vibrator to a snap hook and connect that to the line?
Mmm... I think I need to make a drawing ....
Please do.
One time, I tried placing a small egg type in a condom.
Did nothing. I did find that an egg vibrator taped to the penis, just behind the head and underneath the penis, works pretty well. That sends me off when I am in bondage.

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