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A story - The Dance Team Uniform
I'm not really sure where to post this story I found on the web. LikeRa, if there's somewhere more appropriate, please move it!

The Dance Team Uniform, by Slavegrrl Jennifer.

Complete and utter darkness.

I pressed a button on the side of my watch, and the face lit up. 10:00 p.m. It ought to be safe to go out now. I pressed on the door to my right and felt it give. A light shove, and it swung open with a slight squeal. I patted the area to my left until I felt the cloth surface of my backpack. Clutching the fabric, I crawled forward and swung my legs out the open door.

I hopped out of the empty cabinet, the thud of my impact echoing lightly in the dark, cavernous locker room. I tensed for a second, but quickly relaxed. There was really no need to be quiet. There wouldn't be anyone in the school at this time of night.

I'd called my parents earlier from the pay phone and told them that I'd be spending the night at Tim's, so they wouldn't worry about where I was. And now, after hours of laying it wait, I had an entire night in the empty high school.

I unzipped my backpack and fished around inside until I felt the cool, plastic surface of a cylindrical object. I pulled out my flashlight and clicked it on. Its bright beam cut through the darkness and illuminated the boys' locker room in all its Spartan glory. I knew the way to the exit and quickly walked to the door. I pushed it open and felt the cool air flowing through the hallway rush into my face.

The girls' locker room was just down the hall. I passed the water fountain and turned right to face the door. My hands were shaking as I grasped the handle and pulled it open. I was entering foreign territory.

In layout, the girls' locker room wasn't much different from the boys'. Four rows of lockers stretching to the outer wall, with low wooden benches running between the rows and a line of shower stalls on the back wall. I had no way of knowing which locker belonged to which girl, so I'd just have to check them all.

I walked into the second row and slid up on the locker's handle, allowing me to swing it open. I didn't need to worry about locks. Small town people are trusting and find locks to simply be cumbersome, even on their lockers (making the name seem somewhat of a misnomer, but I digress)

I shone my flashlight into the locker. I scanned the inside for that which I sought, but spotted only a wadded up pile of gym clothes. I sighed and slammed the locker shut. The sound resounded through the dark locker room. I froze and listened intently for the sounds of someone rushing to investigate, but heard nothing. Relaxing, I opened another locker.

I was greeted by the sight of a shiny blue garment. I reached in and fingered it, and it was silky to the touch. I shone the light on it and was disappointed to note the number "08" in blocky white letters. A girl's basketball jersey. Not at all what I was looking for. I slammed the locker, not worrying about the noise this time, and moved on.

The next locker was completely empty, and the one after that harbored only another set of gym clothes. I moved down the row, checking locker after locker, having no luck in finding what I wanted.

I shone the light on the locker's number: 289. Would this be the one? I swung the door open and shone my light in. There it was!

The plastic bag covering the garment glistened in my flashlight's beam. I felt a wave of excitement wash over me. I could scarcely believe this moment had finally come. My penis began to twitch with excitement, and I felt faint as it began to grow.

I reached in and grabbed the outfit, bag, hanger and all. Setting my flashlight on the bench, I clumsily pulled the long plastic bag up and over the uniform. It caught on the crooked top of hanger, ripping a small hole in the bag's surface. I hurriedly yanked it away and tossed it to the side. It drifted out of the beam of light and onto the dark floor below.

I fingered the shoulders of the garment. So smooth and silky to the touch. It shone bright blue in the flashlight's harsh glare, the sequins reflecting and dancing like a thousand magical crystals. It was a dance team uniform.

The garment itself was a leotard made of the most wonderful silky, stretchy blue fabric that clung to every curve of a dance girl's body. It had long sleeves and a short pleated skirt attached to the waist (made of the same material) that fell just below the crotch of the leotard. On the front was a swirl of red and white sequins radiating out from the left breast. A trim of sequins also adorned the hem of the skirt and the cuffs of the sleeves.

To me, it was the single sexiest article of clothing on the planet. I'd come to every basketball game this year for the sole purpose of watching the dance team. They would run out at half time, their long hair tied in high ponytails with blue ribbons, huge sexy smiles plastered to their faces, wearing these very uniforms. When the music started up on the sound system, they'd dance for the crowds, rotating their hips, pumping their shiny lithe legs, and shaking their sexy little butts. How I burnt with desire when I watched them.

And now I had one of their uniforms in hand. I set it gently down on the bench, and then went to work stripping off my clothes as quickly as I could. I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it to the side, then yanked off my pants and underwear in one quick motion. I fumbled with my watch, flicking it off with a jerk of my wrist, and quickly rolled off my long socks. My penis was as hard as it had ever been.

I knew I couldn't put the uniform on just yet. The dance team wore sheer dark brown pantyhose beneath the outfit, and I'd need to put those on first so that my legs would be the same luscious, lustrous color from ankle to crotch.

I grabbed my flashlight and turned back to the locker. Lying in the back was a new package of the dance pantyhose, a blue ribbon, a rolled up pair of ankle socks, and a pair of pure white tennis shoes. Perfect. The whole getup was here.

I grabbed the package of pantyhose and frantically tore it open with my teeth. I grabbed the wonderful hose by the waist and let the legs fall down freely. I set the flashlight back down on the bench and put my bare bottom down on the uniform. Oh how wonderful the silky material felt against my bare bottom!

Using both hands, I scrunched up the right leg of the pantyhose while spreading it open. I slipped my right foot down into the hose and pressed my big toe against the seam. Keeping my hands spread apart, I pulled the hose over my heel. Then I began pulling them up my lower leg, letting the hose snap down around my leg as my hands moved higher. I moved my hands up past my knee and reveled in the feeling of the tight, silky material enclosing my kneecap. I began to move my outspread hands up my thigh, the hose snapping on behind them. I got to my crotch and let the material snap around the top of my thigh. My hands grazed my rock hard penis as I pulled them away.

I now took the left leg of the hose and opened it up in the same fashion. Leaning backwards on the bench, I hooked my left leg up and slid it into the toe of the hose. I spun around on my butt and leaned back onto the flat wooden bench. Laying on my back with my legs up in the air, I proceeded to pull the hose up to the top of my left thigh.

I now rolled over and stood up. I grabbed the top of the pantyhose and pulled the crotch up over my throbbing penis. I loved the feel of the seam of the hose running through my butt crack and over my tight little anus. I squealed in delight as I looked down at my shapely legs in the low light.

Noting that my chest was flat, I decided to put on a bra. I'd seen plenty in the other lockers, so I grabbed the flashlight, took a few steps back, and opened one. I found a sports bra amongst some wadded up gym clothes, grabbed it, and pulled it over my head. A couple of balled up gym socks worked as padding and gave me the appearance of smallish breasts.

Now that I had the proper figure, it was finally time to put on the uniform! I turned around, walked back to the open locker and lifted the outfit from the bench. I flipped it around and found the top of the zipper on the back of the neck. I grabbed it and unzipped the entire back of the outfit.

I stepped up my pantyhosed right leg and put it though the leg of the leotard, then repeated the action with my left leg. I slid the silky uniform up my shiny brown legs and pulled it taught against my crotch and butt. The uniform rode up a bit in the back, causing the bottoms of my pantyhosed cheeks to be exposed to the open air until I let the pleated skirt fell just below them.

I pulled the front of the uniform up and put my right arm into the right sleeve. It clung tightly to my arm as I snaked it through the wonderful tube of stretchy blue fabric. My hand popped out the end, and I noted that I could get the triangular cuff to stick to my wrist and the back of my hand by sticking my middle finger through a small elastic loop.

I repeated the process with my left arm, bringing the sequined front of the garment up to my stuffed bosom. I reached behind me with my left hand and grabbed the small zipper. I pulled the zipper halfway up my back, causing the uniform to become stretched tightly across my flat tummy.

I now flipped my longish hair over my face, bent over, and reached my right arm over my shoulder. I grabbed the zipper and pulled it all the way up to the nape of my neck. I felt a clasp there. Still bent over to keep my
hair from falling back, I closed the clasp with both hands.

I straightened up and threw my hair out of my face. Pulling it all up over the crown of my head, I held it in a high ponytail with my left hand. With my right hand, I twisted the ribbon beneath the ponytail. I released the tuft of hair and grabbed the other end of the ribbon with my left hand. Pulling it taut with both hands, I moved them together and tied it into a tight bow.

My hair up and off my neck, all that was left to do was to pull on the ankle socks and step into the white tennis shoes. I laced them up and set my foot on hard concrete floor. I wiggled my toes, loving the feeling of the smooth pantyhose rubbing against the rough short socks and the hard leather shoes.

I felt a draft run over my smooth pantyhosed legs, and my penis twitched beneath the tight confines of the dance pantyhose and the stretchy panty of the leotard. My tummy swam beneath the tight midsection of the uniform, and electric shocks ran through my body as my thin arms brushed my side, the two layers of fabric rubbing against each other.

I smiled as big as I could and bobbed my head from side to side. I began to roll my shoulders, and then I began to gyrate my hips. The loose skirt brushed against the tops of my thighs as I bobbed up and down. I reached behind me and grabbed my butt cheeks through the fabric of the skirt, rubbing it against the smooth material stretched taut across my butt. Here I was, dressed as a dance girl, doing a little routine!

I could stand it no longer. I fell back on the bench and began frantically rubbing my skirt against my penis. The three layers of skirt, leotard, and pantyhose rubbing between my hand and my penis felt SO good. I almost came to orgasm, but managed to stop rubbing just as I was on the edge. I didn't want to make a mess inside of the pantyhose and uniform.

I needed release, so I pulled the front of the stretchy panty to the side, pulled down the top of the pantyhose, and pulled my throbbing penis out into the open air. Reaching into my backpack, I pulled out a couple of Kleenexes and began stroking my penis. The sensations of my entire body being encased in stretchy, silky fabric were too much, and within seconds I was shooting cum into the Kleenex.

I moaned and fell back onto the bench, basking in the afterglow and the wonderful feelings the uniform was producing all over my body. I lay there for a few minutes, grinning and holding my softening penis when I heard a faraway slamming sound. I sprang up.

What was that? In the distance, I heard low voices and footsteps. Oh no! Someone was in the school!

Panic-stricken, I stood up and tucked my limp penis back into the uniform. What if I was caught? My life would be over if it got out that I had snack nto the school so that I could try on a girl's uniform and masturbate! The footsteps and voices grew louder! They were walking right towards the girls' locker room! I had to get out!

I scanned the locker room. There was a glowing red exit sign in the back. Grabbing my flashlight, I ran blindly towards it. I banged my pantyhosed knee on a locker, making a huge noise. It hurt like hell, but I couldn't stop! I had to get out that exit!

I slammed into the crash bar and pushed out into the cold winter night. The harsh glare of the parking lot lights illuminated the bright blue uniform in all its sequined glory. I had to get out of sight!

I ran as fast as I could through the bright, empty gravel parking lot towards the dark fields beyond. The frigid air swirled around my pantyhosed legs. My feet rubbed around inside of my socks as I ran as fast as I could.

I turned back. The door was still closed. I faced forward again and dove into to the darkness at the edge of the parking lot. My silky legs hit the cold ground, and I rolled into a trench. I could feel every bump of the ground through the thin uniform as I stared back at the school. I heard a dreadful creak, and the door from which I had escaped cracked open.

A janitor's ugly head peeked out and looked around. Seeing nothing, he pulled his head back in and slammed the door. And then it hit me. I was stuck out here, dressed as a dance girl. The school was located two miles out of town in the middle of several vast fields. All my warm clothes and my backpack were in the girl's locker room with the janitors. I would have to walk home like this with just my flashlight.

A cold wind blew across my back, and the thin Spandex uniform did nothing to stop it from cutting to my bones. If I didn't want to freeze to death, I'd have to get moving. I stood up and brushed the hard dirt from the front of my uniform and my pantyhosed legs.

The highway ran several hundred yards to my left. I wanted to avoid that so that passing cars wouldn't spot me, so I'd have to travel by foot across the dark fields. The chill wind blew again. As I began to shiver uncontrollably, I really began to regret this whole plan of mine.

The trip through the field was pure hell. The ground was uneven, and the thin shoes weren't made for walking. They were a bit too small, a fact I hadn't noticed before, but now became painfully obvious as my toes were jammed into the end with each painful step. To make matters worse, my knee was really hurting from banging it on the locker, so every step was pure torture. I trudged on, the icy wind blowing up my skirt, freezing my poor penis and balls, which were shifting awkwardly from side to side in the pantyhose.

The only part of me that wasn't cold was my chest, where the thick socks held over my nipples by the bra were causing me to work up a bit of a sweat. My teeth were chattering uncontrollably as I reached the outskirts of the little town.

I lived on the edge of town, so I'd just have to skirt around the east side without having to walk through any brightly lit neighborhoods. In a way, the extreme cold was a blessing, as I surely wouldn't be running into anyone. I walked towards the edge of the field, but stopped cold and quickly ducked down when a police car cruised past on the street in front of me.

Had the janitors called the police about the noises they'd heard in the girls' locker room? They'd discovered my clothes and backpack no doubt. And I'd left those cum-filled Kleenexes on the floor in there. My spirit sank. I was screwed. Someone would recognize the clothes as mine, and when they noted the missing uniform, they'd know that I'd taken it. My life was over.

But for now, that didn't matter. What mattered was getting home and out of this cold. Surviving was all that mattered now. I could worry about the rest in the morning. I stood up and sprinted across the brightly lit street, my lungs burning in the cold air. I dove into the ditch and then rolled into the darkness.

I crawled for a bit on my pantyhosed knees, then stood up and began running again. My teeth hurt from the chilly air, and my nose burnt from an "ice cream headache." Tears flowed from my eyes as I ran and tumbled through countless dark yards. I felt the ribbon in my hair work itself loose and fall out, and my long tresses fell into my eyes. I frantically pushed the stuff aside and kept running.

I left a trail of barking dogs in my wake as I rounded the corner of my street. Cutting into my yard, I rolled behind a skeletal tree and stopped. Breathing hard, I clutched my burning side, my fingers dancing over the thin smooth Spandex. The soft silky skirt rose and fell over my upper thighs. I stared at my house. All dark. At least my parents were asleep.

Sweat was pouring from my body from the run, and the cold wind hit me as I stood up. All I had to do was get inside now. Soon I would be safe and warm. I circled around to the back and ever so quietly turned the doorknob.

I pushed the door in slowly to avoid creaking. I stepped into the warm house and pushed it shut behind me with a small click. I tugged on the back of the tight little shoes and slipped them off my aching double-covered feet. I left them by the door and padded silently through the dark house towards my room.

The heat felt so good. The cold began to flow out of my body as I entered my cozy little room. I pushed away the wet glistening hair that was plastered to my eyes and forehead and fell back onto my bed. The soft, silky material of the dance team costume felt so good against the sheets. I pulled my silky pantyhosed legs up onto the bed and yanked the little socks off. I pulled the covers back and slid my legs underneath.

I lay there for quite a while, catching my breath and rubbing my poor little penis with the wonderful silky skirt. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, still wearing in the costume.

Tomorrow would be a whole new day.
How I understand that poor guy... Since I was 6 or something I'd been dreaming about such am outfit. Shiny pantyhose, shiny long sleeved leotard. Or at least a one-piece swimsuit.

Once I even though of stealing a swimsuit off the string it was hanging from for drying. But still a strange behaviour - I would steal the costume and run. I would not strip and change clothes at that "dangerous" place.
(29 Jan 2010, 21:36 )Like Ra Wrote: Once I even thought of stealing a swimsuit off the string it was hanging from for drying...

That 'string' is properly called a 'line' 😉

Quote:Once I even thought of stealing a swimsuit off the line it was hanging from for drying...

The 'string' version sounds really odd (in fact, just plain wrong) to a native English speaker.
Yeah, I know. "Clothes line". The thing is, when I was a kid (~13?), we spent a couple of weeks in a deserted place between a sea and a lake. We lived in a bungalow park. One day I saw that one-piece swimsuit hanging on a thin wire (hence, a "string") drawn between two trees. I was riding back and forth on a bicycle pondering over the idea of wearing the swimsuit in the woods or in the dunes. I did not steal it, BTW 😉
Just found a photo related to the original story :  candid-pantyhose-143.jpg   

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