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A session
I did this a while ago. Sorry, no images. It is my first even moderately prolonged experiment with a butt-plug.

First, crotch, the front side: with the aid of super glue and a roll of sticky bandage tape, seal everything tightly so that no leaks happen, of liquid or protrusions of any kind. Because I've done this since a child, I can do this without any discomfort. I begin almost all of my scenarios with this.
Second, back side: improvised butt plug from two D batteries joined together and the ends rounded with duct tape, put into a small plastic bag and inserted with the aid of vaselin. (Chosen because of their weight.) The long open end of the plastic bag remains out.
Then, two pairs of S-size women's undergarments are worn. First, one pair of horizontally tight, vertically stretchy underpants with a long waist. The backside is pulled into a wedgie so it holds the buttplug in. Then, a belt is put on the waist, and the underpants' waist is rolled around the belt once. Then, the belt is rolled around in place three times, so that the underpants are pulled very, very tight on the crotch. Then, Jolinesse seamless control shorts are worn normally on top of this contraption. The end result is a bumpless, very smooth shape that feels good to touch.

After this initial underclothing setup, I went for the actual bondage:

The legs: size XL pantyhose (92% polyamide): Both feet are inserted into one leg of the pantyhose. The waistband is pulled to the waist. The other pantyhose leg sticks out from the front, right below the crotch. That pantyhose leg is pulled tightly around the waist twice and then knotted to the beginning of that leg. The leg thus forms a bridge across the crotch, so things can be put underneath it.
Then, the arms. Pantyhose (of unspecified kind) feet are inserted through the "bridge", and the feet are tied together. Arms are inserted to the pantyhose legs ("sleeves") from opposite sides, so that the left hand is inserted to the sleeve that goes under the bridge from the right, and vice versa. The pantyhose crotch is pulled behind the neck, and adjusted so it doesn't chafe against the neck and the armpits. Then, arms are moved behind the back. Then, the loop formed by the pantyhose feet that is anchored at the "bridge" is threaded around the feet twice, and so that the pantyhose forms three complete loops around the body, with the arms behind the back. The loops are pulled up along the legs, to the same position as the "bridge".

This is basically the same setup as the pantyhose straitjacket I have described earlier, except with the addition of a vertical band that ties the different loops together (the pantyhose leg). It is thus more secure. The loops also rest right below the crotch instead of on the waist.

Nothing was worn on the head. I hate gags. (Breathing is quite important for me, and I do not want to compromise it in the case my nose happens to become congested for a reason or another, as often happens.) I could have used a blindfold, though.
With this setup, I tried sleeping. No deal.
The butt plug did hurt when I was struggling with creating the pantyhose loops, but once it was done, it was much more comfortable. However, with arms like this, I could not sleep. I never have been able to fall asleep if my arms are bound.
So after a while, I removed all the pantyhose. It was a challenge, but not an impossible one. My scissors were in another room, but I would have been able to hop there if there was actual need.
Then I discovered, that trying to walk with the buggplug still in generates a whole array of interesting feelings. Also, kneeling down, and so on.

Later on, I tried a few more interesting combinations with pantyhose.
Perhaps the most interesting one was this:
On my arms, I still had the pantyhose with feet knotted together. On my legs, I put on leggings. These leggings were just long enough to cover the entire leg and the foot if pulled, but otherwise not very stretchy. I sit down, and inserted my left leg from knee-down entirely to the right leg of the leggings, where my right leg aeady was. I pulled it as far as possible, so that the end of the tubular garment would cover the toes of the foot, locking it in place. Then I did the same for the other side, so that my legs end up forming a triangle. With these leggings, the triangle becomes very rigid: It is not possible to move the knees together very much, especially if the ankle was pushed close to the other knee. Then, I pulled a pair of cycling shorts over the knees, so that one knee goes to one leg of the cycling shorts. I pulled the waist of the cycling shorts up. Then, my arms still in the pantyhose, with a long combined sleeve connecting them with a knot in the middle, I inserted the arms into the cycling shorts from the waist opening, between the thighs, and pulled the long sleeve across my feet, so that underneath my legs, would be the two hands (each forming an "I" shape) and above the legs, would be the pantyhose loop (forming an "U" shape). I pulled the loop out, and inserted my head into the loop, and pulled the loop across my shoulders (which was difficult because it was very tight), and let it shift and settle on my waist. I was now in a position that resembles a hogtie. With the buttplug in, making every movement a deliberate action, I flipped myself over headfirst, which straightened the position considerably. Lying stomach down, with my hands on my crotch, my legs in an unmovable position, I contemplated the moment for a while. Later, I found that even after managing to turn myself upright again, escaling this position was very difficult, because due to the cycling shorts, the pantyhose loops could not easily be pulled out through the knees. It would have to be worked back the same way it was inserted.

I went through a number of different positions, but in the end I went sleeping completely unbound (except for the glue and the plug that were still on/in).

Two hours later, I woke up to the awareness that the seal had broken: my crotch was soaked. Partly because of the end of the plastic bag that I had pulled across it, but also because the glue had given up. In the washroom, I removed all the glue and the tape, and cleaned myself up, and applied a new seal, this time more carefully and even tighter: The crotch now had externally just a narrow (less than a centimeter wide) stripe of glue-reinforced skin-colored tape across it from back to front, hiding any possible details underneath it (save for hair, which I did not shave this time), which is how I should have done it in the first place. There was no wrinkled or otherwise movable skin visible. (Underneath, there were several similar layers, each progressively submerging a part of the anatomy leaving only a narrow strip of tape visible.)

Also, I observe that I hardly notice the plug anymore. It has sunk deeper. Thanks to the plastic bag, I could easily retrieve it closer to the threshold. After pulling it closer, I noticed that it causes considerably less discomfort than it did in the beginning. I did get used to it to some degree. I also noticed that the plastic bag causes any skin that comes in contact with it to sweat a lot. To reduce its surface area, and also to keep the plug from slipping further inside again, I inserted a small toy basket ball into the open end of the bag and knotted it shut. The remaining ends of the bag were inserted into the rectum, so only the ball and the bag covering it is outside.
With this set-up, I entered to continue my sleep. I hardly caught any sleep: The combination of the ball, the plug, and the tightly sealed frontside kept me continuously aroused. Sometimes I would put a little box on the bed and lie stomach-down, my crotch directly on the box, for added pressure.

At a later point in the night, I repeated the aforementioned scenario, but with two differences: I tied a cargo strap with a stopper around the legs from knee-down and the ankles, which secured them perfectly together, making the triangle undisturbable, and the arms were first inserted from behind the thighs rather than from between them. After enjoying this position for a while stomach-down on the bed, I found this situation even more difficult to escape: I spent many minutes struggling to turn myself upright, and a few minutes trying to remove the cycling shorts (because this time, pulling the loop up my back and over my head was completely impossible), after which I could remove the loops through the knees. I had my scissors right next to me, so I could have used them if necessary, but I always rather overexert myself than destroy anything intentionally. (In retrospect, I calculate that simply changing the direction in which the loop is pulled across the legs (I mean that loop which is then pulled out and down the head and the shoulders) would have also made it impossible to use that method of escape, though only as much as to encumber the escape a bit more.)

Unbound, I spent four hours dozing on and off, constantly aroused. At 12 hours after beginning this session, I was still in no urgent need to use the bathroom, so I decided to keep this on as long as I can. Unfortunately, I also had to go to work... I tried sitting down, and I found it unexpectedly difficult. The ball had made the butt region all too crowded. Eight hours of sittingin an office would be very interesting an experience with this kind of a buttplug. I considered calling in sick, but reason beat the lust: I don't often do this, so the one time I do, I should enjoy everything that it entails, in good and bad.

I knew that by now, I could walk normally, so nobody would have to notice that anything is wrong. I was not so sure about sitting.
Driving to work was very difficult. Because driving involves moving the feet once in a while, I could not settle on one position. I had to continuously adjust my position, but no position was comfortable. Walking was much better.
Once I sat in the office chair though, I knew immediately that there's no way I could stand it for eight hours. Without the ball it might have been possible (sitting up was no problem in the night before I inserted the ball), but now there was no way. It was way too uncomfortable.
I took a clean plastic bag and went to the bathroom. I had reserved the bag for use in case the bag covering the plug had ruptured, so that I could seal any nasty smells into the new bag. This way I could still take the batteries with me without anyone noticing anything peculiar. In this building there was an actual bathroom, with a shower and a lockable door that allows privacy, provided that I don't make excessive amount of noise. In the bathroom, squatting on a washable floor, I carefully pulled the plug out. To my surprise, once the rectum had opened enough, the plug actually shot out in a blink of an eye. Simultaneously, what felt like a great amount of sex liquid was released. But I was still securely sealed from the front, so I did not worry about that part. After cleaning up (both the floor and myself), I washed the plastic bag clear with the shower so that I could handle it, and then I ripped the bag open, extracting the batteries and the ball from inside. They were completely dry and clean. I put the old bag into trash, and the goods into the new bag. I put my clothes back on, and went to continue working. This time I saw nothing that would prevent me from finishing the day like this, barring an urgent need to pee.
8 hours later, I was back home. I did a shorter day at work. I had hardly ate or drunk the day, so I was still not in urgent need, but because I was going somewhere for the evening, I had to end the session. The seal appeared to be still as good as it was at morning, despite a number of stimulated moments during the day. I went to take a shower, and in the shower, I attempted to pee. Surprisingly, I felt nothing immediately stopping me doing that, which meant that some of the first layers of sealing were aeady compromised. Every time I released some of the liquid, I could feel it flowing, which caused reflexively me to stop it. The mound shape on the crotch grew slowly, until the liquid started leaking from a number of invisible holes in the seal. I relieved myself entirely.

After that, I was surprised to see that the outwards appearance of the seal was still as if it was intact, which would also mean that its erotic properties were also still intact. I had the option of pushing all the remaining liquid out with my hands and simply leaving it like that, continuing to be taped up. However, there was no way to remove all of the liquid without removing the tape and the glue, and I had to remove it all in order to prevent the skin getting irritated with the wet remnants still inside. Tearing all the bits of chunky glue and tape from hairy skin provided no surprises, but this ends the session. It lasted for about 20 hours in total.

In retrospect: All the experiments with pantyhose-clad hands left the skin of my hands very irritated. It will take a few days, or even weeks, before it heals. I count no other lasting effects.
(20 Aug 2011, 09:23 )Joyl27 Wrote: In retrospect: All the experiments with pantyhose-clad hands left the skin of my hands very irritated. It will take a few days, or even weeks, before it heals. I count no other lasting effects.

Very strange. It's quite the opposite in my case. Pantyhose prevent irritation of my skin. Hence, I usually wear them 24x7.

BUT! It depends on the quality of the material. Some cheap pantyhose are worse than sandpaper 😁

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