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A free day...
Oh the plans I had... And yet nothing seemed to go to plan.
I started the day once alone with a clean out, then I attempted to modify my plug to be estim enabled.... That worked fine in principle I used some kitchen foil and some electrical tape to form the electrodes. I attached the wires and all seemed ok, except that when I hooked it all up my controller didn't want to play... New batteries but still nothing...
So I took my estim adornments off and went manual.
The plan was to use my all in one pantihose suit with sheath and then a metallic zentai over it. I've modded the zentai with a c&b and nipple holes. I wanted to do a session on my front that was a sort of hogtie inverted spreadeagle. Limbs in the opposite direction to a normal spread. Legs to hand places, arms to foot anchors. And balls under tension to the foot of the bed.
Toys in use were plug, clover clips, bullet vibe, cuffs on ankles, thighs wrists and harness gag.
Had to ditch the all in one as I could not get the ball anchor strap to work through the sheath.
Take it off and just go with the zentai... All good now...
Start securing myself using load straps with an ice release on each wrist.
I got 95% in and realised that I had not adjusted the straps between the thighs and bedframe or enough tension on the leg straps that went over my shoulder... Loosen stuff and adjust... Do things back up again and realise that I've managed to dislodge the nip clips... Loosen and readjust.
Eventually decide that a new position may be in order so I loosen everything and spin to my back... Suddenly remembering that I have my balls tethered to to the foot of the bed... OUCH!!
Try again arms down and legs up and wide... This became a bit of a predicament situation if I kept my legs straight the hamstrings would moan after a few minutes.. If I bent my knees it would add tension to the ball bondage... Fun!! Ha ha ha.
Shortly after nearly getting sorted in the new on my back position I was suddenly aware of the bullet vibe that I'd taped strategically to me... It had been buzzing away on medium for some 20+ minutes now... The point of no return suddenly crept up on me... I was tempted to carry on and go for some post event teasing since I was not fully committed yet, but I then had issues getting the straps to tension properly and sorely there after I gave up and started clearing up.

Things I've noticed that require rethinking.
1) The load straps are great if it all works fine, but in this position it was hard to stop them sliding back and forth when tensioning.... May need to get a couple of rope ratchets or make up some some trd's
2) check your power packs before you are committed to the session... Annoyingly afterwards I played with the batteries and it all works fine.. Poor battery connection! Doh!
3) don't try a new camera angle without a proof shot.. Recorded the whole session but the framing was too tight so it was terrible... Deleted it!
Ah yes, the sessions that simply don't go to plan - I know those only too well....

But it sounds like you had some fun never the less.

I like the idea of your 'hogtie inverted spreadeagle' but as soon as I read it I thought "bet that's a killer on the leg muscles"... and it was! Wink .

How did the clover nipple clamps go? I use a pair and they can be incredible... or bloody painful! There doesn't seem to be a happy medium with them - erotic stimulant or sadistic torture, either one extreme or the other. I've never had any real success when face down with the clamps underneath my body; they either get rubbed off (agonising) or squashed on (even more agonising) - is there a trick or technique I'm missing? Or do you like the pain? Big Grin

The use of the tether around you balls is an idea I think I should copy - though I shall try to remember that they are tied if I move suddenly Shout

Estim still fascinates me... maybe if I get some proper home alone time I'll invest.

A shame about the photos, better luck next time

great post

(06 Jun 2016, 18:13 )ltxrob Wrote: hogtie inverted spreadeagle
I'm not sure I understand the position correctly.

Were your knees bent, so the ankles/feet were pointing upwards?
Were you laying on your back? If yes, were you "doubled"/bent with your buttocks facing up? (That would be the inverted hogtie, in my opinion).
Or do I misunderstand the concept completely?
Inverted hogtie spreadeagle.
On belly, knees bent with ankle tie going over the body to a point somewhere ahead of my shoulders at the corners at the head of the bed. Arms down to my sides and tethered to the corners at the foot of the bed.
This position was actually quite comfortable... When I swapped to on my back the legs were not so comfortable for very long.
The clover clamps I don't mind. I quite like a bit of NT
But as you say MJ I managed to inadvertently rub them off but didn't even notice they were go until I was aware of a lack of sensation... I must have squashed them mechanism open.
Thighs feel a bit tight today!! ;-)
Hi @ltxrob - Where you trying to tie yourself something like this..

tumblr_o81ab8gIu11rx7eu1o1_540.jpg thumbnail    - ...only more laid down on the bed?

Oh I succeeded... ;-)
Yes it was basically something like that but the legs were not as wide and the arms were flat on the bed, so below the legs, so not arching the back.

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