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House of self-bondage
House of self-bondage
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3000 thanks!
Yes! You've guessed it! So many amazing posts during so many years! Thanks much @MadJack!

That's 1000 thanks in less than 1.5 years! Please post mooooaaaaaarrrrr!!!!!! 😋
Gosh!  Blush 

That's rather humbling - I'm still amazed that there is anyone else out there who enjoys my rather specialist kinky tastes.

I've met so many people through this forum and learnt that what I once thought was a dirty secret was not unique to me or indeed something to be ashamed of - though I still only share with the select few.... mostly you lot!  😁  

I should also make it clear that by 'met' I mean met via the magic ether of the net, not in the flesh - at least I don't think I've ever met  any of you in person, but who knows... it could have been me who opened the door for you last week or sat next to you on the train 😉


Ps. I will be posting more soon... promise!
(12 Feb 2019, 21:29 )madjack Wrote: I'm still amazed that there is anyone else out there who enjoys my rather specialist kinky tastes.
Familiar feeling. And the opposite is very frustrating...
Yeeeeey! #metoo!!!! 3000 thanks! Thanks guys and gals 😊

Congratulations @Culmor ! Welcome to the "3k x thanked" group!!! 😊👍

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