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И еще один провокационный снимок :)

nexttime: (16.05.06 08:41) Справа в нижнем ряду с кубком в руках мужик или мужеподобная женщина? Нах картинки, оставим форум девственно чистым

deepgaze: судя по бровным дугам и верхнему веку, скулам, отсутсвию шляпки на голове, судя по тому, что ноги не демонстрирует, по кистям рук, по геометрии плеч и фасону футболки - это мужик... если есть сомнения - "адамово яблоко" их разрушит

k2log: Кадык видно. Мужик. Счастливый участник команды по спортивнной аэробике.

Like Ra: Вообще забавно. Если это спортивная аэробика, то на них должны быть купальники. А тут только футболки и колготки. А откуда снимок?

mishel_42: Ты мужика от женщинки плохо отличаешь? Ну ваааащеее Просто неожиданное появление фотографа с диким воплем "Все делают чиззззз" застало их в разплох. А то я представляю, чем они с этим парнем занимались. Меня бы так

Quote:Like Ra пишет: А откуда снимок?
Из жизни

Эр: да, мужик это... Вот повезло...

ro: Срочно меняем "любимый спорт"

Like Ra: Да откуда вы взяли, что это спортивная аэробика? Больше на балет похоже. И мужики там как раз в колготках и танцуют.

Quote:Like Ra пишет: Больше на балет похоже
Пусть балет, пусть группа поддержки из баскета - счастья у мужика от этого не убавится. А за балет своим видом голосуют сваленные в кучу кроссовки - типичная обувь для хореографии.

az: Кто бы там не был, но колготки на них очень даже хороши. Данскин ?

Magpie: Да уж, я бы с ним местом поменялся -)))

Quote:Like Ra пишет: Да откуда вы взяли, что это спортивная аэробика? Больше на балет похоже.
Под балет не катит - кроссовки болтаются рядом. Я всеж поставил бы на аэробику

другой: аййййй! супер! все на спорт! срочно в аэробику! на его месте могли бы быть вы(точнее мы)!

Quote:другой пишет: на его месте могли бы быть вы
напьёшся, будешь

Quote:другой пишет: все на спорт! срочно в аэробику!
NextTime когда-то очччень давно выложил рассказик из "его самых любимых". Там муж с женой поспорили насчет колготок, муж проиграл и за проигрыш был вынужден пойти с женой на занятия по аэробике. Тут он и пропал... Хороший рассказить, но перевести на русский все никак руки не доходят. Рекомендую вспомнить и перечитать, может Like Ra раздел с такими рассказами сделает, только без пошлости

biflex: Аэробика,или шоу-танцы...Для балета-дух не тот...Тут спорт за версту чувствуется.. А в балете тоже определённыё дресс-код существует..

Quote:k2log пишет: Like Ra когда-то очччень давно выложил рассказик из "его самых любимых". Там муж с женой поспорили насчет колготок, муж проиграл и за проигрыш был вынужден пойти с женой на занятия по аэробике
Нифига , это я выкладывал тот рассказик , и вроде бы даже переводил. Щас поковыряюсь, может и найду на необъятный просторах хардов.

nexttime: Вот [Image: sm12.gif] , нашел английский текст, перевод найду - выложу, а пока онлайновыми переводчиками пробуйте. Сразу подсказка: большинство переводчиков "pantyhose" переводят как "колготки" [Image: sm26.gif] , а "hose" как "брандспойт" [Image: sm33.gif] , не пугайтесь [Image: sm16.gif]

The Bet

David was an average guy leading an average middle class life. He had married his high-school sweetheart, and managed to cultivate his position as college newspaper editor into his own small publishing business. Working together with Susan, his wife, they typeset, printed and distributed small run newspapers, and periodicals in the office they had built in their now converted garage.

The company was new and small, and the large capital expenses they incurred in startup put a real strain on their finances. In order to burn off tension and pressure they both worked out regularly. Susan joined a local aerobics group, and David lifted weights at home on a small weight set he bought at a garage sale.

Things were going pretty well, until one night. They were changing for their perspective workouts. He put on his regular work out clothes. A pair of old gray cut off sweat pants, and a cotton tee-shirt. Susan on the other hand went into the bathroom and seemed to spend an exorbitant amount of time changing. When she finally came out, his jaw almost hit the ground. Instead of her usual mid-thigh stretch pants and large tee shirt, she was wearing a very expensive looking designer leotard and tights. David just stood there for a moment trying not to explode in anger, but it was to no avail.
"Where did you get that outfit, it must have cost a fortune?" he exclaimed.

Susan realizing he was angry, tried to explain. "Honey, I'm stressed out all day, and aerobics is my relaxation. I just want to look good and feel comfortable. I enjoy my workouts so much more when dressed like this, and besides don't you remember when I was a cheerleader. This is all I wore whenever I practised."

"Yeah, but your parents were paying for it then." David tried to remain calm. He knew money was tight, but he loved her so much, and if this made her happy then he would just figure out a way to make the finances work. "I guess it okay, if you feel better in those clothes"

"I really do." replied Susan. "I enjoy my aerobics, and these clothes just make it better"

"Maybe you should try weights like me. It doesn't matter what I wear, I still get the same great workout." David stated.

"I'll leave the weights to you. Aerobics is so much better of a work out. It tones me everywhere and gives me better stamina and endurance. I don't think weights give the same all around conditioning."

David shrugged off her remarks, and headed for the spare bedroom that contained his weights. Susan put on her coat, and left for her class. David did his regular set of reps, and then decided to take a hot shower. He went into the bathroom, and started undressing when he saw the bag from the aerobics store on the floor. He opened it to get the receipt to see just how much Susan had spent. When he saw the total, he almost exploded. She had purchased 3 leotards, 5 pair of tights, and 2 pair of shoes. He quickly went to her dresser drawer and opened it, and there they were, the unopened tights, and in the closet were the leotards, and a pair of shoes. He could not even think straight. He gathered them all up, and took them into the living room, waiting for Susan to come home. When she arrived she immediately saw the clothing and her angered husband. It was too much for her, and she started crying.

"Susan, I don't want you to get upset about this, but we need to return these." Dave said calmly.

"I can't! You just don't understand." Susan sobbed.

David knew he would get nowhere with her right now, she was too upset and emotional. "Why don't we make dinner, have a glass of wine, and we can work this out together. So for now let's just forget about it" With that David picked up the clothing, and put it in her closet. He tried very hard not to mention the situation, and let Susan calm down. Once they had both eaten, and had a few glasses of wine, David decided it was time to discuss this rationally.

"Susan, I don't understand why you need these clothes, so before I make any rash judgements could you please help me to understand your feelings."

David had always been very open with her, which was one of the things she loved about him. She knew he was being very sincere and would listen to what she had to say.

"David do you remember how we met in high school? I was a cheerleader, and you were doing a story for the school paper on the various athletes at the school. You were the first person to ever consider that a cheerleader could be an athlete. Later in college you did a big story on the gymnastics squad, comparing their physical preparation and skill to that of any other athlete on campus. You know how much I love my aerobics. It's more than just a work out; it's my sport of choice. If you loved playing basketball instead of lifting weights, I would understand if you wanted good court shoes. I simply can't enjoy my passion for this while wearing and old shirt and shorts. Please David understand that this is not about money, it's about something very important to me."

David sat quietly and absorbed every word she said. He prepared his words carefully because he really did know how she felt.

"Susan, I understand, but right now we need to look at things in their full light, and not just on emotion. Your desire to workout is wonderful, I share that passion with you, but maybe we need to redefine what your goals are. You can get just as good of a workout here at home with me, and we'll be together."

"I would like to be together with you, and I wish we shared the same interest in our exercising, but my aerobics is all around better training. I can't get near the same results here at home."

David knew what she was doing. She was shifting the subject away from the expenses and towards a different matter entirely. He also knew how to handle it. Years of tough interviews while on the paper had taught him to confront the sidetracking issue head on and that would only leave the core issue to deal with.

"Susan, I don't disagree with you and I understand that you believe your aerobics give you a better workout and greater endurance. But for a lot less money my methods are just as good if not better, and I willing to prove it."

"How can we do that?" Susan replied. "Obviously you're stronger than me, and can easily out muscle me in anything."

"I propose a triathlon like event." David responded. "No test of strength, just pure all around ability."

They both agreed, and set about deciding on the terms of the bet. First came the event itself. They decided to drive to a gym about 5 miles away. One of Susan's friends from aerobics worked there, so they could get in as guest. Once there they would both swim 1-mile in the pool. Afterwards they would jog home, and get their bikes, and ride bake to the gym. The first one to complete would be the winner. With this out of the way, the terms of the bet had to be set.

David's terms were simple. "If I win, Susan will workout with me at home for three months. She will return the clothes, and will wear the same workout outfit as me."

Susan's terms were equally simple. "My terms are the same as David's except the workout will be my aerobics class."

The date was set for that weekend. The first event was easy. David's long arms and legs gave him much more thrust in the pool, and he was ahead of Susan by a few minutes. He started the jog home and was glad that it was mostly down hill. He arrived home first, but his lead had dropped. He hopped on the bike and started back to the gym. About two miles from the gym, he suddenly started to get a cramp in his leg. He stopped the bike and tried to stretch it out, but it was just getting worse. He got back on and tried to keep his lead, but Susan shot right past him. He had lost.

David was very quiet on the way home. When they got there, he went to the closet and gave Susan her aerobics clothes. "Here, you won. I guess they're yours now."

"David, I've been thinking. These were expensive, and I'll return them and get some less expensive clothes. If you want to come with me we can get you a pair of good shoes to wear for aerobics. Those old hightops just won't work."

They both showered, and headed out to the mall. The first stop was a discount shoe store where David got some good shoes. Next they went to the aerobics shop and Susan returned the clothing she had not worn. She tried to give David the cash, but he told her to keep it. She had won the clothes in the bet, and if she returned them, it was her money to spend.

The fateful night arrived, and they both prepared for the aerobics class. Susan put on the one outfit she had not returned, and David put on his old shorts, shirt and new shoes. When they arrived at the aerobics studio, Susan reached into the back seat of the car, and picked up a gym bag. After they were inside, Susan gave David the bag, and said, "You can change in that room over there."
"What do you mean change? What's wrong with what I'm wearing?"

Susan was truly shocked. "I assumed you understood the terms of the bet, and you were just waiting to change at the studio. Your terms had me wearing the same style outfit as you, and my terms were the same."
David opened the gym bag and looked inside, "Susan, I can't wear a leotard."

"Sure you can, the other girls know about the bet, and don't care." "Oh come on, guys just don't wear this stuff. I'll feel ridiculous."

"What do you mean guys don't wear this. We have one guy who comes here every week. He's a marathon runner who works out here. When he started coming here he always wore a full sweat suit. Then one night when he sat down on the floor, his pants rode up and we could see he was wearing pantyhose. When we asked him about it, he said he wore them for support, and he preferred them to tights, but he was afraid to let them show. All the women understood and encouraged him to do as he pleased and not feel uncomfortable. A few minutes later he decided to put on shorts instead, and he continued to work out in them. Now he wears a leotard as well, because he likes the freedom of movement. So you won't be the only guy wearing them."

David sheepishly went to the changing room and thought about the bet. He was just ready to back out when in walked another man. He undressed, and then took a pair of black pantyhose out of his bag and proceeded to put them on as David had seen Susan do many times. Once he had the hose on he took out a leotard, stepped into it and pulled it on. David tried not to stare, but he could not help but looking.
"Hi, I'm Mark, You must be Susan's husband, David."

"Uh, yeah." David was still in shock. Here was a very well built man in his early thirties standing in front of him in a leotard and sheer black pantyhose. "You need to get changed, we start in a few minutes." Mark paused for a moment noticing David was uncomfortable. "Hey' don't worry about it. No one here cares what you wear. Now I need to get out there or my wife will start calling"
"Your wife knows?" David asked with a shocked voice.

"Of course. She's the one who recommended I take aerobics. She started coming here a few months ago, and asked me to join her. Since I've been wearing support hose for years, and I'm wearing them during aerobics, a leotard just seemed more sensible than shorts."

David was still reeling from the inconsistencies, "Don't you feel a little emasculated going out there dressed like that? What if some other guys walked in?"

"We've had that on a few occasions, but I can assure you that if some guy tries to act like a peacock and shove his 'macho-crap' down these women by criticizing us, they won't get very far. Nothing shuts an egotistical guy up quicker that a group of beautiful, sexy women laughing at him. These ladies know it takes a real man to be able to feel comfortable and openly wear these clothes"

David was still scanning Mark, and he just had to ask, "Your legs are shaved! Doesn't that bother your wife?" "Of course not. I was shaving my legs long before taking aerobics. Most marathoners shave their legs."
"But now your wearing pantyhose, isn't that just a little weird?" David asked.

"It's only weird if I let it be that way. I decided that it's not worth getting caught up in others people's concepts of what is okay for me to wear. If we all worried about our perception by others, then we would all be driving high priced cars, living in mansions, and dating Hollywood models. You learn to live with the hand you were dealt, and in my case it's a wife that doesn't care if I wear blue jeans or blue tights."

David was starting to absorb this wisdom, and decided that just maybe he could do this. Besides he wouldn't be the only guy out there. He slowly opened the bag and pulled out the basic black leotard and tights Susan had purchased for him. Remembering the visions of how Susan put her hose on he slowly slid the tights up his legs, stepped into the leotard, and was prepared for his audition to the world. He and Mark both walked into the main room together, and much to his surprise, he did not get any laughs, giggles, or comments.

After the exercises were over, Susan introduced David to all the other women. His confidence was starting to grow, because all the women seemed to ignore his clothes, and talked to him as a person. When it was time to leave, David went to change, but deciding it was too much trouble, he grabbed his clothes, and they left. Once they got home, David went to the kitchen grabbed some juice, and collapsed in exhaustion on the sofa. Susan asked him if he wanted to change.

"No, I'm too tired right now, maybe later." However later never came that night. David did not realize it yet, but he really liked the comfort of these clothes. There was nothing sexual about it, but he just felt more comfortable. It wasn't until about 3 weeks later that David came to realize that things were different.

He and Susan were at the mall. As they passed the aerobics store, Susan asked David if he wanted a new pair of tights. She had noticed a hole, and the start of some runs in his one pair. Without hesitation David agreed he should probably have a new pair. As Susan was picking out the right size, she noticed David was eyeing some of the better lycra leotards. Sensing his wants, she casually took one of the better leotards and told David his basic black one was stretching out, and in the long run the lycra one would last longer, and be more comfortable. David really liked the idea, but suddenly he felt a need to protest.
"The one I have is fine, and that one's so expensive"

"Don't worry about the cost. I still have money left over from the things I returned." With that Susan took the leotard to the counter and purchased it. They left the store and headed back towards the car. They had parked at the far end of the mall, so they had to walk the entire length of the mall to get to the right exit. As they were going through the aisles of the last store, they passed the hosiery section and Susan suddenly remembered she had forgotten about the tights. She did not want to walk all the way back, so she started to look around the department for tights.

"Damn", she proclaimed. "All they have here is hose. I guess we'll just need to go back to the other store."

Remembering what Mark had said, "Well honey, couldn't we just get some hose. After all, Mark says that what he prefers. He seems to like the support in them."
"Well I guess we could try one pair." Susan responded.

She decided on a pair of Hanes Alive for their support and durability. The closest shade they had to David's skin was 'South Pacific', a medium shade of tan.

When they got home, she asked David if he would try the outfit on to make sure it fit. As David put on the pantyhose, he could see why Mark liked them. They were much smoother than tights, and the support feeling was something he had never experienced, but he liked it. The leotard was the same way. The lycra was smooth and contouring. He knew then that he was addicted to them. He kept the outfit on the rest of the night.

Susan realizing that this had become more than just his reaction to losing a bet decided to help him any way she could. Besides, she always like the way male ballet dances looked in their tight outfits, and now she had her ideal man, her husband and lover, looking just as sexy. David sat on the sofa all night and just kept rubbing his hand up and down his leg. He loved the feel of the pantyhose. Susan knew something was not quite right though, and she knew how to fix it.

She went to the bathroom and filled the tub for a long hot bath. She invited David to join her. This was not uncommon. Their bathtub had seen as much sex as the bed. They both relaxed in the tub together. As usual David sat down first, and Susan sat down in front of him. That way she could lean back into him and relax. Susan had prepared the mood as usual. She lit all the candles, and turned out the lights. They were at peace with one another. As David was relaxing, Susan started to soap up her legs. She began shaving them, and asked David to help her. As always he complied. When she was done, she began soaping David's legs, and much to his surprise he did not feel like resisting. Slowly but carefully Susan removed all the hair from David's legs. Needless to say the bathtub was a mess. Large chunks of hair were floating everywhere and sticking to their bodies. The tub was drained, and they both entered again for a shower. Susan snuggled close to David and started rubbing her silky smooth legs against his. This was a feeling they had never experienced before. The smoothness of their bodies was overwhelming. They made passionate love like never before.
The next morning as they were getting dressed for work, Susan asked, "Why don't you put on the hose, and see how they feel now."

Seeing no harm in it David complied. He could not have imagined the sensation. He loved the smooth silkiness, and when he looked in the mirror, he was almost ashamed to admit it, but he liked the way they looked. Susan wanting to take a peek asked him to show her. When she saw him she could not believe what she saw. She couldn't understand why, but she loved the way her husband looked in the pantyhose. His legs looked very toned, smooth and sexy. At first she thought there must be something wrong with her thoughts, maybe latent lesbian tendencies. But she had no feelings that he was less masculine. To the contrary, she thought his legs looked much better this way.

She walked over to him and started to run her hose clad leg up his. She could feel the tension rising in him. She got on her knees and started to lick him through the hose. Not wanting to ruin his only pair, she pulled down the waist of his hose just as he started to climax. She finished the 'job' and looked up at David. He was shaking from the excitement. She made sure he was all cleaned up, and then pulled the waist back up. However, by then she was so wet she had to change her own hose. David did not seem to move for a moment, and then he came back to reality and realized they needed to get working. He was still in a bit of a daze as he pulled on his pants and finished getting dressed. It wasn't until almost an hour later that he came to the full realization he was still wearing a pair of hose. It seemed so strange to him. He had only put on his first pair of pantyhose the night before. Now he had shaved his legs and was wearing them while working. All throughout the day he kept staring at Susan's legs, and remembering what his legs looked like. She noticed this, and asked David why he kept looking at her legs.

"I've always loved the smooth look and slight shine that pantyhose give your legs, but now it seems different." David told her. "Now when I see your legs, I know I'm wearing pantyhose too, and", David paused.
"And what?" asked Susan

"Well, this may sound weird, but when I looked in the mirror this morning I loved the way my legs looked in the hose. I've been to the bathroom twice today, and both times I've removed my pants and looked at my legs in the mirror. The shine, and the tone they have, along with the great feel is almost too much to describe. I just wish I could wear them more openly and not keep them buried under these pants."
"I don't see why you can't." Susan responded.

"Because I don't want a client or potential customer to walk in and see me in pantyhose." David replied.

"How could they?" said Susan. "Anyone coming over needs to ring the bell to get in, so you don't need to worry. Besides, I loved they way your legs looked too, and I'd enjoy it as much as you." Once again Susan's logic was irrefutable. David went into the bedroom and put on his shorts. He kept the pants nearby, just in case. There were a few visitors during the day, and each time David would slip his pants on, and as soon as they were gone, he was back to the shorts. This went on for a few months, but by then he was getting tired of the changing act.

He and Susan were planning to go to the office supply store for some items, and as he was putting his pants on when he told her his frustration, "I'm getting tired of hiding my hose around everyone but you and the aerobics class. I just wish I could walk right into that store as I am."

"Well then lets just go as we are then." Susan replied. "Too tell you the truth. Unless someone is looking it's not easy to tell you are wearing hose. The sight of a man in hose is not something people expect, so when they see it, the image does not register right away. Besides, what if someone did notice? They aren't going to go out of their way to make a point of it, and if they do you're the one who decides whether to accept or ignore their comments."

"I don't know. It just bothers me in the back of my head." exclaimed David. "All the people at the aerobics know me and I feel comfortable there. But this is different. It's hard to explain. You can wear hose anywhere and anytime you want. No one sees anything wrong with that, but with a man it's different."

David finished putting on his pants, when Linda stopped him. "You like wearing hose, and I like to see you in them, but this constant costume change needs to stop. You need to decide whether or not you are prepared for people to see you in them. I need you to think about the big picture for a minute. I understand you feel it's is unfair for you that I can wear pantyhose anytime. However, you are not being fair to me. What happens when someone unexpectedly stops by to visit? I can't be expected to always check on your clothing status. You can't rely on me to guarantee that no one will ever notice two different size hose hanging in the bathroom. You also need to realize that all the women in the aerobics class know you wear hose. They may not be aware you wear them regularly, but they do know you wear them to class, and that our bet was over long ago. You could have stopped going to class, but you are still going, still wearing a leotard and pantyhose, and the women know that. What happens if the wife of one of your friends joins the aerobics class? If you continue wearing them as you have been, and continue to worry about what people will think, eventually you are going to find yourself in a situation you are very unprepared for."

David was not prepared for this at all, but he knew she was right. He took off his pants, put his shorts back on and he and Susan went to the store.

The entire drive there, all he could do was think of worst case situations. He had visions of people pointing at him and laughing, and of clerks using the paging system to announce that the man in pantyhose on aisle five needs help. The strange thing was though that when he finally got out of the car and in the store he started to feel much more at ease. At first he was nervous, but soon this was replaced by something totally unexpected. He looked down at his legs and saw the reflection from the hose. This was not unusual, except he was now in public place and nothing bad was happening. He started to actually get a feeling of euphoria. He was actually wearing pantyhose in public and not making any effort to hide them. He had considered putting on some ultra sheer hose, but that seemed self-defeating. Susan could see the glee in him, and was so proud of him. When they left the store, instead of going home, David drove to the mall.

"I want to get some new hose," he told Susan, "and this time you don't need to buy them."

Susan was amazed. It seemed as if he wanted to do all the things he had been afraid to do before. They parked and went into the store. David went straight to the hosiery department. The sales lady approached and asked Susan if she needed any help.

"The hose are for me." David proudly exclaimed. "Could you show me the some durable, yet sheer hose. I like the ones that have some shine to them."

Without blinking an eye, the saleslady showed him the Resilience brand by Hanes. "You look like a size EF." She said. "What shade would you like?"

David looked at the color samples and decided on a shade called 'Simply the Best Bronze'. He purchased three pair in that shade, as well as three pair of Hanes Alive sheer to the waist in jet black. As he was preparing to leave the sales lady gave him a hosiery card. "With every ten pair, you get one pair free." She explained.

In all the excitement he had almost forgotten about Susan. He decided to get her something special too. They walked to the far end of the mall, and went to the aerobics store. He saw a leotard that he knew Susan would love. He took it off the rack and told Susan he wanted her to have it.
"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm sure. We need to get some matching tights too." David answered.

"Excuse me." David said to the clerk, a young girl in he early twenties. "I'd like to buy this leotard for my wife. Could you get a pair of matching tights for it?"

The clerk disappeared into the back room and reappeared with the tights. David asked Susan to try on the leotard to make sure it fit. The clerk asked Susan if she would like to go ahead and buy the tights, so she could make sure everything matched.

As David was paying for the tights the salesclerk said to Susan, " I wish my boyfriend was as cool as your husband. He would never go with me to buy aerobics wear, let alone pay for it."

The saleslady gave Susan the tights, and the leotard to try on. Susan took the items and asked the clerk if she could also take another leotard in to try on. The clerk had no problem with it, so Susan picked up another leotard and went through the stockroom door and down a small hallway to the dressing room. A minute or so later she called for the saleslady.

"I'd appreciate it if you would let my husband come back here to see how this looks. It's just a lot more private." Susan said in an almost pleading voice.
"Yeah, I know how it is." the clerk replied. "I'll go get him."

"Sir, your wife would like you to go back to the dressing room."

David walked down the hall and into the little room. Susan was beautiful and very sexy looking. The leotard accentuated all her curves perfectly.

"I think that's perfect." Said David. "There's no need to try on the other one."

"I have a surprise for you." Susan said in a whispered voice. "This other one is for you. That's why I got you back here, so you could try it on."

David removed his shirt and shorts and stepped into the leotard. ...

nexttime: ... It was the nicest he had worn so far. The fabric was very smooth, and the pattern was very flattering. The salesclerk came back, and asked if everything was okay. Susan stepped out of the dressing room and said she would take the leotard she was wearing. The clerk said she would need the tag off the leotard to ring it up. Susan had aeady removed it and held it out to the sales clerk. The clerk asked if she wanted the other leotard as well.
"My husbands trying it on right now." Susan said.

The clerk was a bit shocked, but maintained a professional attitude.

"Sir, I'm sorry to interrupt, but store policy says for health reason you must be wearing some form of underwear when you try on a leotard."

Trying not to let fear or anxiety overcome him, David stepped out of the dressing room.
"It's okay, I'm wearing pantyhose." David proclaimed proudly.

The clerk reaction surprised both David and Susan.

"Oh, wow! I don't know how I missed that earlier. Your legs look great, and that outfit looks great on you. You have one sexy husband." The clerk looked for a second and then said, "I'll be right back."

She went into the main part of the stockroom and came back with a pair of Danskin Ultra Shimmery tights in suntan.

"You've got to get these to go with that leotard." She said.

David gave the clerk a twenty, and went back in the dressing room. The tights almost took his breath away. The shine and sheerness of them was better than anything he had every dreamed of wearing. They were very smooth and felt like velvet on his skin. He came out to show Susan and the clerk. They both had the same reaction. They were almost speechless.

"Those are perfect." Said the clerk. "I've never seen a guy that wasn't doing drag or something wearing hose. I can't believe how good your legs look. If those pantyhose companies can ever get men to make their legs look that good, women will be storming the hosiery section to buy hose for their men."

David and Susan went back into the dressing room and changed back, but David decided to keep the tights on. As they were walking back across the mall, David noticed that he was getting many more stares. The tights were glaringly obvious, but he did not mind. He didn't even mind when the teenage kid which passed by and muttered 'faggot' to him. Just as the kid turned to see if he got a reaction, Susan put her hands around David and gave him a kiss the kid could only dream about.

nexttime: Блин, дофига получилось Звиняйте, если у кого долго грузиться будет. LikeRa, если будут комплэйны от пипуля - перенеси плиз в отдельный топик с предупреждением о размере.

mishel_42: Ууу- Да- Даааа Урок по английскому?

az: Знатоки английского, может переведете ? А то после компового переводчика читать невозможно.

Quote:nexttime пишет: это я выкладывал тот рассказик
Извини, дружище, давно дело было. Запамятовал, однако. Исправлюсь. mishel_42 Вам ли быть в печали? Сергеевича подключи - он моментом транслирует.

Quote:k2log пишет: Там муж с женой поспорили насчет колготок, муж проиграл и за проигрыш был вынужден пойти с женой на занятия по аэробике. Тут он и пропал
А на хрена переводить, что может быть в такой ситуации, человечеству давно известно

nexttime: Не, они не спорили насчет колготок. Там все сложнее было: она занялась аэробикой и накупила кучу одёжки для этого, а его возмутил ценник . Она сказала, что аэробика рулез, а его пауэрлифтинг сакс , он повелся на пари, условиями которого было "проигравший занимается вместе с победителем в той же одежде, что и победитель " типа, он был уверен в своей победе и решил, что жена сдаст нах назад в магазин все купленное, потому как стоило оно судя по всему некисло, а жили они небогато.... Она победила в триатлоне, он проперся , они собрались на занятия в aerobic-class, а она сказала, дескать "парень, иди-ка переоденься", а он ошалел "в смысле? " а она "Ты, типа, придурок, не понял условий пари??!!!" и в качестве успокоения поведала ему, что "вместе с ними занимается аэробикой перец-марафонец, который носит колготки для тепла и support'а и не буксует, и ты не буксуй" (причем, на данном этапе речь шла не о pantyhose, а о tights), "и дескать ваще не бзди, все наши тетки на аэробике в курсе нашего пари и с нетерпением ждут результата", потом всякие детали, как он в раздевалке общался с тем перцем-марафонцем. Потом вытащил-таки свою задницу в tights и купальнике заниматься, а после занятий жена представила его всему коллективу . Потом они вернулись домой, и он был таким уставшим, что не было сил переодеваться, так в колготках и завалился на диван (и ему это уже начинало нравиться, я думаю, что не в усталости было дело, просто не хотел снимать колготки - вдруг не представится боле случая их надеть ). Далее их с женой занесло в большой магазин, где она хотели купить новых колготок, т.к. в старых у него волшебным образом образовалась дырдочка, но как-то все позабыли, а когда вспомнили, оказалось отдел с одеждой для аэробики остался далеко позади, а возвращаться лениво , а впереди только отдел с тонкими и прозрачными колготками, но его это не испугало, и они купили тонкие колготки (что-то типа Hanes Alive, это с support'ом, если я не путаю), вернулись домой, он надел их и понял, что все, что было ДО этого, было все неправильно, а теперь наступил настоящий кайф. Короче, парню колготки (которые уже не tights, а pantyhose) вкатили так, что спустя несколько дней он уже стал дефилировать по пути с работы в колготках с шортами, а несколько дней до этого собирался с мыслями и при появлении каждого клиента (в складе с канцелярскими товарами, где они работали вместе с женой) бежал натягивать брюки. Далее последовали примерки в магазинах белья на колготки (т.к. на голое тело не положено его мерить), самостоятельные покупки колготок и все такое прочее...

Вот такое краткое изложение содержания, как грицца, не обессудьте

А если серьезно, то роль жены, способной раскрепоститься и покуражиться, очень важна в нашей жизни. Моя меня как-то раз (давно это было) сподвигла к вечерней прогулке в колготках с шортами (сказала, не бойся, мол, я же с тобой, прикрою), было уже темно, единственный человек, который нам встретился, был сосед, но в лифте был как обычно полумрак, он ничего не заметил. Адреналин, помню, просто в уши выплескивался, было круто. Сейчас все повзрослели (а может и постарели), я бы с удовольствием покуражился, а ей уже не интересно а жаль.

P.S. Во, блин, нафигачил, сроду таких длинных постов не писал

Quote:Dr.Glock пишет: что может быть в такой ситуации
ускоренный перевод утвердил меня в своем мнении

Quote:nexttime пишет: вместе с ними занимается аэробикой перец-марафонец
Блин, я тоже хочу такой онлайн-переводчик! Дайте ссылку

Quote:nexttime пишет: she was wearing a very expensive looking designer leotard and tights
Может я и несилён в аглицком, но внутренний голос подсказывает, что именно это было затравкой для спора.

nexttime: дык я же и грю: парня закусила сумма, которую его кукушка потратила на аэробичные причиндалы, тем более, что смотрелись они именно дорого, как и шласит первоисточник😊)))))))))))))))))
Quote:k2log пишет: Блин, я тоже хочу такой онлайн-переводчик! Дайте ссылку
Хз, у меня не сохранилось адреса (онлайнперевозчика) , попробую хистори полопатить, может там что сохранилось Посмотрел - не сохранилось Чё делать теперь? Как переводить???

Quote:k2log пишет: он моментом транслирует.
Я тебе это ещё припомню

porter: nexttime Выложи фотку еще раз, а?

nexttime: поправил ссылку, смарите, наслаждайтесь

porter: nexttime Класная фотка. Во блин человеку повезло.

Carlsohn1: а занимается ли кто-нибудь аэробикой?

Magpie: А в чем вопрос? Ничего общего с фоткой ( к сожалению) реальная аэробика не имеет.

MrB: На этом форуме уже однажды бурно обсуждались фото детских команд по аэробике.
Не вызывает сромнения, что на фото с кубком в руках - мужчина.
Мне даже показалось, что мы встречались раньше, хотя это было давно, да и лицо частично закрыто, возможно что я ошибаюсь.
Эта гуппа похожа на команду по спортивной или фитнесс-аэробике.
Именно в них должен быть хотя-бы один мужчина, так как по правилам (редакция федерации спортивной аэробики Укаины от 2001 года п.2.3.) составы групп не зафиксированы. Мужчины участвуют в индивидуальных выстплениях, смешаных парах. В тройках возможно любое соотношение мужчин и женщин.
Для Фанк/ хіп-хоп, степ и аэробных команд предусмотрен состав 5-8 учасников с любым соотношением мужчин и женщин.
Терь относительно костюмов для выступлений.
Теми же правилами п.3.6.3. предусмотрены:
"Одяг для спортивної змагальної аеробіки.
Спортсмени під час композиції повинні бути вбрані у відповідний одяг. Відповідний одяг включає купальник, колготи або шорти, кросівки, які є відповідними і представляють аеробіку".
Думаю и так понятно, но привожу перевод
Одежда для спортивнойї соревновательной аэробики.
Спортсмены во время композиции должны быть одеты в соответствующую одежду. Соответствующая одежда включает купальник, колготы или шорти, кроссовки, которые соотвествуют и представляют аэробику.
Здесь ничего не сказано о футболках, возможности сочетания шорты и колготы, но требования к одежде для мужчин и женщин одинаковы. Судя по фото, если все оденут шерты и кроссовки, то их костюм полностью будет отвечать правилам.
Но остается непонятным, почему они только в одних колготах и все без обуви? Позы, которые приняли женщины как раз прикрывают просвечивающиеся из под колгот трусики. Они видны только у дамы, которая поставила ногу на плечо парню.
Если прсмотреть фото, посвященные клубной аэробике, то можно убедиться, что на тренировках даже женщины колготы носят редко.
В Киеве в конце мая проходил чемпионат мира по аэробике, где можно было поподробнее рассмотреть мужские костюмы, но в эти дни, как на зло, пришлось сидеть на объекте по среди поля на восстановительных работах и попасть на соревнования не удалось, к сожалению на сайте чемпионата нет ни одной фотографии.

Наконец версия по поводу танцев. онечно может быть тоже, потому что существуют специальные танцевальные туфли, внешне очень похожие на кроссовки, но в их подошве практически разделена носочная и пяточная часть, что делает их очень гибкими и позволяет вставать на носок как на пуанты. Но эта версия тоже не объясняет почему дамы в одних колготах. Обычно танцовщицы одеты хотя бы в купальник и колготы и очень часто легкую шифонову юбку или парео. Ну е естествено танцовщицы всегда в обуви

ranger: Пусть бы nexttime хоть бы объяснил, шо за фото и откуда он его откопал

Quote: nexttime пишет: Вот , нашел английский текст
А на английском имеется че нибудь еще? Выложи, токо в архиве.

АнтонК2: (21.06.06 08:26) У того кто держит кубок у единственного нет короны на голове т. е. это может говорить что принадлежит к мужскому роду.

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