Tweaking blog and forum

I am experimenting with the blog and forum. If you notice that something is broken or not accessible, please try again later.

The first change (compression level) dramatically increased the forum performance. At least for me.

Update: Jan 22, 13:16. The sidebar is wp-widget compliant now, but it turned out that pixels in Explorer and Firefox have different sizes :-\ Oh yeah, the arithmetics is also different 😀

Update Jan 22, 23:32 Added Translation widget. I don;t think that Google on-line translator any good, but I hope it’s not cmpletely useless. The widget needs to be tweaked a bit. But for now, open the links in another window. It is not that easy to return to the previous page.

Update Jan 23, 01:52 Added Babelfish translation. It is not better than Google, but it supports more languages. The pixels have been tamed. Also, I added the “site snap” feature. Useless, but funny 🙂

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