Shiny panthose Man is pantyhoseWhat pantyhose can be recommended for wearing by men?
What pantyhose are recommended for wearing by men in public?
Can wearing pantyhose by men be accepted by others?
Can the same model be worn by both men and women?

These and many other questions are answered on Feinstrumpfhosen Informationen (German)

But this is not all. 21 mat and 32 shiny pantyhose models have been tested by a man (Klaus Weber?). The results of the test and pantyhose rating can be found on the following page: Für Männer empfehlenswerte Feinstrumpfhosen

According to Klaus this is the top 5.

Non shiny:

  1. Hudson Life 15Hudson – Life 15
  2. Wolford – Magic Touch 12
  3. Giorgio – Softmatt
  4. Gerbe – Blush
  5. Wolford – Fascination 18

Slightly shiny:

  1. Wolford Fatal 15Wolford – Fatal 15
  2. Kunert – Platinum
  3. Kunert – Fresh Up
  4. Wolford – Daily 10
  5. Elbeo – Deo Fresh 15