“Well guys it’s not long now until the second iMiTD so I hope you’re all thinking about what tights/pantyhose you’re going to wear on 1st November 2006.  I have mine sorted so I’m well prepared unless I see a hot pair that I must have instead, but as I’ve spent enough money lately on tights I think I’ll stick to the ones I’ve chosen.
I’d love to think that iMiTD will go for strength to strength each year.  As I said last year there seems to be special days for different occasions and there’s no reason why us tights guys shouldn’t have our own day too.
I’m at work on 1st November but like last year that won’t stop me from wearing, and I hope to at least take a few pics at some point that day showing off what I was wearing.
Are any of you guys taking part in iMiTD?  Or wearing anything special?
Do share and let us know what you’re up to