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Pantyhose spread-eagle
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Originally posted by a man who does not wish his name to be known, for he is a pervert

a ... way to tie your arms spread-eagled is to

  1. put on about 10 or so pairs of hose (... put them on your legs first, then carefully remove them so you can still stick your arms in there.)
  2. find two solid, heavy things (about chest level off the ground works well for me) to tie the ends of hose to. tie one end of one leg to something solid, then the other end about 10 feet across the room to something else. make sure there isn't much slack in the hose, otherwise it won't be as fun. :)
  3. shove one arm in one set of legs, then the other arm in the other set of legs.

It helps to have gag and nipple clamps in place before you do this, of course. It also helps to be strapped to a chair as well. Also, to strengthen the bind, make sure the panty parts of all the hose goes behind your neck, cause it's very uncomfortable to have it all pressing up against your throat. Then, if the hose is tight enough, you won't be able to readily remove yourself from the hose. Your arms will be completely immobile, and completely opposite from each other, making nipple clamps feel REALLY good because of the tightened chest skin.... If you're dexterous enough, you can twist around just the right way so you can eventually remove yourself from this tight bind, but it will be a long process, so be very cautious when you do this to begin with. it is one of my favorite pantyhose bondage techniques because it is one of the most difficult to remove yourself from.