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Crotch rope for men 1
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Everybody knows what a "female type" crotch rope is. You have seen it on millions of pictures and photos. But how to apply a crotch rope to a man? In this context, there is only one difference between a man a woman, and we are going to emphasize it.

In this example I used 8.5m (28') 6mm cotton rope. I was wearing the following:

  • Phillip Matignon Miro 15 Noce - shiny pantyhose (legs)
  • Ibici Charme Black - seamed fishnet pantyhose (legs)
  • Oroblu Tricot Black - fishnet pantyhose (arms)
  • Swimsuit

1. Fold the rope in half and make a loop around your waist.

Crotch rope
Crotch rope

2. You can make a knot at the small of your back (not necessary).

3. Pass the rope ends between your buttocks and legs and under the waist loop.

Crotch rope
Crotch rope

4. Make a knot in the front.

5. Pass the rope ends back between your legs and buttocks and under the waist loop again. Keep the separated ends close to your side to separate the cheecks.

Crotch rope
Crotch rope

6. Each rope end goes to the front, under the vertical ropes and pulls the front ropes apart forming a diamond.

7. Pass the rope ends back, under two runs of the vertical ropes at the back (we created at steps 3 and 5) thus further separating the cheecks.

Crotch rope
Crotch rope

8. Pass the ends to the front, under the front diamond (step 6) and tie up a knot on both side apexes of the front diamond.

9. Pass the rope ends back between your legs and buttocks, under the waist loop at the back (just like at step 5).

Crotch rope

10. Then to the front, under the diamond loops (like step 6) and tie up the final knots at the apexes (like step 8). This is how the crotch rope looks from different angles:

Crotch rope Crotch rope Crotch rope

You can stop at any step beginning step 4. And do not forget your favourite butt-plug and/or dildo.

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