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Session 35

I was going to experiment a bit, but the session turned out to be extremely funny and pleasurable. No serious bondage was planned. Photos were taken every 40 seconds. So, looking at the names (numbers) you can calculate the time frame.

The chosen clothes and tools are very simple:

It was the first time I didn't secure the butt-plug with a crotch-rope or karada. And that was not a bad decision at all. During the whole session the well lubricated plug was sliding in and out.

ses35__00003_RT8.jpg I started with binding my legs to the bed legs.

ses35__00009_RT8.jpg Both legs are bound to the bed corners. Another rope with a collar on one end is tied to a central bed leg.

ses35__00012_RT8.jpg The hood is on. The gag is inflated. The second leg of the lycra shorts is waitingly dangling behind. (See cycling shorts single-glove)

You can see a knife behind me, but the collar will not allow me to grab it once needed. So the knife needs to be relocated.

ses35__00023_RT8.jpg Time for the fisting mittens. They are very suitable for bondage purposes, though, not directly intended for. It's not that easy to put the second glove on with an already gloved hand.

ses35__00035_RT8.jpg Getting both hands in the shorts leg behind your back while wearing fingerless mittens was never thought to be easy. I had to put one glove off, shove the hands into the shorts and then put the glove back on.

You can see the knife on my left.

ses35__00044_RT8.jpg With some considerable efforts I managed to grab the rope and started winding the rope around and between my wrists. Using this simple method you can bind your hands very tight and secure. A bit too tight, a bit too many loops and it's inescapable without a knife.

ses35__00051_RT8.jpg This is the result.

ses35__00105_RT8.jpg Now the interesting and funny part. Imagine, that I can not get out without a knife. The knife is on my left. But my hands are on my right. So I need to get my hands to the other side. Time to struggle! Sweat is pouring down, JLube is getting more slippery, butt-plug is sliding in and out, teeth are clenching on the inflated gag (I accidentally pressed on the inflating bulb while struggling. Many times...)

ses35__000115_RT8.jpg Yeeeehaaaaa!!!! Done! That was difficult....

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