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Enema pants
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The pants have built-in penis sheath with a tube connected to an inflatable butt-plug with a tube inside. Excellent idea , poor implementation. The pee goes everywhere but in the right direction! The pipes are way too narrow.

I must admit, it would be really nice to have a one-piece solution, but I doubt it ever exists.

From by WilliJim:

" of my most recent ill-faded purchases. I bought the Denber "enema pants" with attached inflatable anal rod. I'd rank this one right up there on top for one of the biggest fetish myths in history. (Right up there with wearing a rubber hood with clear plastic lenses 24/7) I fantasized over merrily walking around in these rubber shorts while the inflatable rod tickled my fancy. Bottom line is it didn’t work. I wiggled in to the shorts, inserted the plug and no matter how much I pumped that baby up it popped out like a peeled grape. So heed Tonyp’s words. If you don’t want the thing to squirt out like a potato out of a spud gun, then get a plug with the right mushroom shape. I would also add that if you are new to the sport, make sure the narrow potion of the “stem” is a small as possible. Work hard enough and you can stick a plug the size of New York baggle up your bottom but it ain’t no fun to walk around that way. Eventually Mr. Sphincter going to say “I want to be small again.”

I made two modifications:

The modifications did not solve either the leakage or the butt-plug issue, but definitely improved the "usability". See this link for more information.