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Full Version: Latex on eBay - interesting finds
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Another company that sells chlorinated latex: store: Latex-Toronto

The company is based obviously in Toronto, but the garment is apparently made in the UK.
"Doggy" arm hooded latex leotard with corset. I would say ugly but strangely erotic construction. Probably it's too big for the girl on the photo. 2-3 sizes less and who knows... I think the front zip can be closed alone, so it should be suitable for selfbondage.

eBay: latex leotard hood corset store: 1st-latex-catsuit store: queenbay2012

Does anybody like military style baggy bio-hazard suits? The description says "inflatable".

Search eBay DE: Latexanzug blow up latex ganzanzug

I remember someone asked for latex briefs with a penis hole. Transparent and blue latex here (even better in my opinion 😉

Search eBay DE: Latex slip transparent

Thanks to Morten who found this latex hood with a TRANSPARENT condom. I like transparent touch better than any other colors. Now it looks like a condom, and condoms are for cocks:

Search eBay DE: KonNature Latex mask store: LATEXTIL-Shop (more various masks available)

This transparent latex mini dress should match transparent latex pantyhose. But will the upper part of pantyhose look good through the dress?

eBay: latex dress transparent store: queenbay2012

Transparent green mini latex dress from Westward Bound with dark green latex lace. Looks tight:

Search eBay DE: latex Westward bound

And another dress from the same seller: long latex (hobble?) dress by Pigalle.

Search eBay DE: latex fashion pin up

This shop makes(?) and sells some non-usual item made from non-usual silicone-latex. They also sell PVC stuff for those who's interested.

UK Store: Suzie-Highs-Gentlemans-Handbag

Latex leotards with long sleeves.

eBay: latex swimsuit leotard

With some decoration and high neck: store: queenbay2012

With high cut-outs: store: 1st-latex-catsuit

Without sleeves: store: god96tw

but with matching latex stockings included: store: 1st-latex-catsuit

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