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Full Version: Latex on eBay - interesting finds
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Another item to help to to get 100% skin coverage: a completely closed latex mask with extended neck. Put you favourite latex catsuit and no matter how flexible your neck is, no skin will be visible.

The hood is chlorinated!

Search eBay DE: Fetisso latex maske (kragen,langem Halsteil)
DE Store: Grentz-Herrmann
DE Store: Leder-und-Latex-Store-von-OG-STYLE

If only money was no object (or obstacle) 💓

Search eBay UK: Ectomorph latex leotard
UK Store: ECTOMORPH-mailorder
Oh my!

(13 May 2013, 10:58 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ] Ectomorph latex leotard
It's not glued... It's sewn!
Ectomorph make some great sewn latex which is made from a bit thicker sheet than usual. A classic is their short biker jacket, you can see here that the heavier latex takes on a bouncy life of its own...


and a pink version from 1:30


As I needed a jacket for my Black Canary crossplay of course I couldn't resist...
This transparent latex nightgown is a good beginning for an interesting night. BTW, imagine a man with a great erection wearing this gown 😉

Search eBay DE: Latex Nachthemd
DE Store: kunzmann-gmbh

[attachment=7586] [attachment=7587]
Latex pantyhose from Westward Bound (two-way zip). According to the photo these pantyhose have the waist higher than Simon O pantyhose, what should look better with a leotard or a swimsuit.

Search eBay UK: Latex tights unisex fetish
UK Store: Westward-Bound-Shop

Did not see such things before: transparent latex boots. Yes, I saw transparent wellies, but not in this specific colour. Should match latex attire:

Search eBay DE: transparent latex (stiefel,wellies, boots)

I think I'm in love with this transparent smoky latex surfsuit. At least it looks cool on the guy on the photo.

Search eBay DE: Latex Latexa catsuit smoky
DE Store: Svetas-World-of-LATEX

Many asked for a condom hood. Found it here:

eBay: 057 latex hood customized

I wonder if such hood can be of any use. It will add pressure and "sound effects". I think this hood can be used with an inflatable breath through gag. It would be nice if it was built-in, though.

eBay: latex inflatable hood customized

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