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Full Version: Latex on eBay - interesting finds
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(18 Dec 2014, 01:25 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Transparent latex mask with built-in condom
BTW, I forgot about this hood and was 30min too late for the auction.... #$%^& It's gone for 46.50 euros, not expensive at all...
I like the photo, but isn't this latex cock sheath a bit too big for most men? I envy you if it's just right for your not-so-little-one 😉


DE Store: prolatexshop
Look at this semi-transparent latex dress!
Our fetish friends from China have made a huge leap forward. The price is very competitive and they take offers.


DE Store: god96tw
This one is soooooooo tempting..... Transparent latex zentai with cock sheath And look at the quality and the price/quality ratio! As I said, the Chinese fetish manufacturers are growing extremely fast in all directions: quality, flexibility, versatility, photo quality, etc.

Any ideas what these red things are? A gag and a dildo? Or just holes?

Latex zentai suit
UK Store: colorfullifestore


If it's indeed a gag, it can be very exciting. All you need is one suit - and you are immediately gagged, plugged and blindfolded. Just add some ropes or an armbinder.
Very customizable latex mask

The options I'm particular interested in are:

o- Built-in condom. Unlike my Simon O mask with a small condom, this one measures 15x4.5cm - ideal for most cases. At least it should perfectly fit the dildos I've got.


They say: "At first, you will feel a little discomfort, but soon you will be able to adapt. It is indeed very interesting and useful"

o- Extended neck part. No bare skin should be visible between latex catsuits/leotards and the mask!


Not sure about other options. Any suggestions/reasons?
Studio gum has awesome stuff. Too bad the prices are steep. Very, very steep
(11 Jan 2015, 19:36 )herrpee Wrote: [ -> ]Too bad the prices are steep. Very, very steep
Let's wait a bit for our Chinese friends. Apparently Studio Gum brand is not that popular yet 😉
This one deserves to be posted simply because of the associated image:


It could have been in the Latex penis sheath, built-in sheaths, cocks in latex sheaths thread

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