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Full Version: Miscellaneous fetish items on eBay
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(25 Apr 2019, 10:15 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]  😁

2013! Really that long ago? 

To be honest I'd forgotten all about those flagpole holders.


The inspector

Great! More to consider for another session!
Nearly made the WTFOTD thread, but then thought that maybe someone might find them usefull

 [attachment=34748] Pantyhose dressing aid

..but then again, maybe not!  Lol Lol Lol Lol

Actually, this thing is meant for elderly people or people with disabilities. What also means - nylons for everybody! There is no excuse not to wear pantyhose or stockings! 😉
ok, it is not ebay, but look what i found on etsy!!! There are a fiew quite interresting bondage funiture pieces. They ar not cheap but i like the Ideas. So maiby interesting for some DIY Projects!

This chest looks like it is easy to built and reminds me to my Milkingseat and is a nice place to store your toys.

This Bondage-throne is realy clever. I like the flexebilaty of different positions and the Locking mecanism on the last fiew pictures.

And how about these cuffs. I like the holes for Ropes
I would call it "steam-punk bondage" 😁
Two interesting variants of single-gloves:

[attachment=35076] - I've not seen this type of mini-single-glove before, maybe 'wrist glove' is a better description?

[attachment=35077][attachment=35078][attachment=35079] - I like the way this more traditional single-glove incorporates a neck corset 



The inspector

I want the armbinder and corset. I have an armbinder but my wife won’t put me in it. Can’t get it tight enough alone. 😟
Saw this today, and I really thinking about buying and tring to adapt to "selfbound" mode 😎
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