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Full Version: Miscellaneous fetish items on eBay
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This looks interesting

[attachment=23172] - at first glance this Half body suit looks like a leotard with built-in hood, but to me it looks like the arms are stitched to the body right down to the waist.... hmmm.

I've got one (in red). The arms are stitched to the body, indeed. I hoped that the gloves are made socks-like (aka pantyhose on arms), but no, they are normal gloves with fingers. It's fun to use, however, with bound elbows it's very difficult to close the zip ;P
Anytime I buy off auction sites before buying I do a web search for the item in question for the best price.
I love the logic used by eBay when it offers 'related' search options:


'Emergency stop switch push button'  - do they know something I don't?  😁

I was hunting for a posture collar and stumbled across this:

[attachment=25131] - Inflatable collar could be interesting? 

Bought something like this about 5 years ago.
On eBay, japanese device to help girls to keep their neck straight.
Worked well in keeping your head in place and neck in place.
And the one I bought was better than the one displayed.
Just checked eBay.

eBay: Inflatable neck collar

There are quite a few of them from $12.00 to over $100.00

Something for the kinky desktop:


Sold here.

Unfortunately NSFW 😎
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