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[Image: pho8-2-106x160.jpg]

First of all - I'm not affiliated with this Austrian company. But I would like to, because I'm a customer of Simon O since 2006, I like what they do, I like their style, I like the quality, I like the communication, I like that they still come up with something new and I like their photo sessions (the photos are too often "borrowed" by "other" eBay sellers).

The prices are on the high side, though, and close to the "affordability limits".

Simon O is also a Fetisso reseller.

Simon O eBay shop

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If you voted, but the situation changed - let me know and I'll edit the results.
Sorry for the necro posting.

But as Like ra said in this post

Quote:The thing is, who usually post comments/reviews? Happy or unhappy customers?

This has also something about expectations. We expect satisfaction. If we are satisfied, we think that this is how it should be. If not - we complain.

I now intend to do a little complaining.

On the 22.7.14 in the evening I placed an order with Simon O and paid for it with paypal. The next morning I got an reply, confirming my order and a delivery time of 9-10 weeks. That is almost 12 weeks ago, still haven't received (or heard) anything.
So last Thursday I sent an e-mail asking when I can expect delivery? It's now (excluding the weekend) 46 hours since I sent the mail and they still haven't answered me back, witch is in my book completely unforgivable.

Is this nomal behaviour for this company? Or am I just having bad luck?

Will keep you posted on how things move forward.
3 months is quite normal for them (unless the item is aeady made, of course). The response time is usually much quicker, but it is entirely possible that they are either on vacation, overloaded, missed your email or there is something with the mail in general (automatically sent to SPAM by mistake?). In any case I always wait for two days, then send another mail with the original included, of course.
They did eventually mail me back later in the evening, promising a delivery this week. Which naturally was quite a relief.

From what I have been made to understand, Simon O is a high-end retailer, selling high quality latex. That naturally puts my expectations quite high with their customer service (perhaps too high).
I Don't have a problem with the long delivery date, or that the original time of 9-10 weeks was pushed forward. What bothers me is that in my opinion it is they who should have contacted me first telling about the delay, not the other way round. This is what the company I work for would have done.
You are probably right about my mail. Even though there should never be an excuse not to answer a mail within 24h, sometime shit happens. Probably just bad luck on my part. And on every other aspect they have been very friendly and helpful.
(14 Oct 2014, 16:51 )FagMan Wrote: [ -> ]From what I have been made to understand, Simon O is a high-end retailer, selling high quality latex. That naturally puts my expectations quite high with their customer service (perhaps too high).
I'm afraid that they simply have no manpower enough. Usually it's only Manuela who answers all the mail.

And please do not forget to post a photo when your order arrives 😋
Quote:Status: Elektronische Auftragsdaten wurden vom Versender übermittelt
Datum/Uhrzeit: 15.10.2014 16:23:01

The most frustrating part of any order 😁
Should be @home tomorrow 😉
[attachment=13002] - They finally arrived yesterday 😁 sorry for the bad image.

I think I ow a small review, I believe.

I've have worn them only for a few hours yesterday, so this is my first impression of the thighs. I LOVE them! The quality is superb and the fit me like a glove, even if they're a generic size. The only thing I can mention, even if it pains me as a man, is that the attached cock sheath is a little too large.

Quality: 5 out of 5 stars, nothing to complain about, absolutely perfect.
Fit: 4,5 stars, fit is perfect in every way but the attached sheath
Service: 3,5 stars, very friendly and helpful in every way, but it shouldn't take over 2 days to answer a customers e-mail.
Overall: 4,5 stars, will definitely buy some more from them when I have the chance.
Looks like you've got the same (or very similar) design. The fit is very tight, almost no wrinkles. My complaints so far:

o- The waist is too low (the band is visible under leotards)
o- The condom/penis sheath disintegrated too early.
o- It would be nice to have condoms of different sizes
o- Not chlorinated (did it by myself)
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