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Full Version: Figure skating, shiny pantyhose and leotards
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Figure skating in shiny pantyhose, leotards, swimsuits. Photos, videos, stories are welcome here. - What is the fetish sport #1? Figure skating, Russian Ice Age or Pantyhose dance on the ice - Absolutely amazing gymnastics and figure skating leotards - Figure skating and shiny pantyhose
Illos from 'Transfigure' by 'Transmute', by the Andrade Bros:


Penelope ice skater part 1:
and part 2:
(16 Mar 2011, 01:59 )culmor Wrote: [ -> ]Heh,

I knew you should have something somewhere deep in your sleeves 😁
Oh yes, there plenty more where that came from (when I have time to find it).


Do we need people to be actually wearing skates or will just a skating dress and shimmer tights qualify?


What about those 'over the boot' tights? I'm not sure if I like them or not, probably OK if layered over footed tights (though I've never seen any that are satisfactorily shiny...)

Personally, I do not like over the boot tights. They look bulky, clumsy and the "high heels" effect of skates is gone.
I remember a skating version of the 'Gladiators' game-show from years ago called (IIRC) 'Ice Warriors'. The woman presenter* wore excellent shiny tights, I'll see if I can find any pics.

* Edit: Danni Behr.

Heh, edit again, now I remember the pseudo-medieval presenter : 'I award the City of Stoke-on-Trent Four Points', hilarious...
No skates, but a skating dress and shiny tights anyway:


Three pics from Mondor. I'm still not completely sure about the tights (even though they are semi-sheer and shiny and a lot better than the usual matt tactel over-the-boot ones) but I like the leotard/dress a lot :


I would prefer to have this dress with a rear zip, not scooped back. The rest is excellent, but requires depilating - way too sheer 😉

...and as LikeRa seems to be expect it of me, a quick word from Admiral Akbar: [attachment=3043]


Quote:The rest is excellent, but requires depilating - way too sheer...

Um, if you wear lycra without depilating aren't you missing out on 99% of the fun?
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