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Full Version: Sexy Boots
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Post here your own, or other, sexy boots.

I got these a couple of weeks ago.
For only 30 euro`s. (Thats 40 US Dollars)

They are very comfortable, and the heels are 5" (13cm)

Some of my current favourite boots (and shoe-boots):


Sadly, these old faithfuls are now falling apart:


Good grief Ra, you've been digging down a bit haven't you!


Those are nice, and i love the last ones, shame there falling apart..

Got some pics of mine, better than the preview pic i posted:
IMO, the perfect boot...



Just bought these, get them monday 😊

Sorry, a horribly bad picture, but I like these boots and right now, I can't take another one:


The boots are dark brown soft leather and have zippers on the inside. You can probably see the flat heels of 5cm only. I am not a fan of high-heels, this height is very good for my taste.

Culmor, I like your "perfect boot" too, except, as mentioned above, lower heels would be even more perfect for me. Unfortunately, this style always comes with extreme heels.

Eventually, I want to get rubber riding boots, but right now my budget is exhausted.

Now some slightly better pictures:
Same boots as above:

Short boots: [attachment=2107]
I like this style a lot. Unfortunately, these were available only 2 sizes smaller than I need, but slowly, they are getting wider. I can wear them for about 30 minutes now, without having real pain.
Probably not the average sex symbol, but today I got these boots, shiny outside, warm inside. The images show them with the upper shaft folded, but they can be worn straight as well. Unfortunately, they are a bit small for my feet, but I hope to widen them over time.


With cuffs, they could be interesting as gloves as well.
I've got no boots yet. Was obsessed with classical shoes or sandals with 5-6" heels. Actually, I've never thought about what boots I would like to buy... Hmm...


I`m the opposite, i only love boots. I`ve got a pair of pumps, but don`t like them that much.
I find boots way more sexy 😊
At least more stable. Also the cover the most problematic area - ankles. Nobody will know if you are wearing rubber tights or rubber leggings 😉

The bad thing is that they cover most of the legs clad in shiny pantyhose.
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