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Full Version: WTF? of the day (WTFOTD)
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(21 May 2017, 11:30 )culmor Wrote: [ -> ]innocently
errrm.... 😁
I think this is the best thread for this "performance" (not the "Artificial Intelligence" one) :

A woman goes to a festival and dances around in this outfit.


Someone takes an upskirt on their mobile. She tries to get the police to arrest them but they refuse because they don't believe an offence has been committed. It all goes viral.


Incidentally, this happened in England. Had it happened in Scotland it would  have been an offence. Upskirts are illegal there, presumably due to some sort of legislation connected to the wearing of the kilt >.<
Only in Japan indeed:

(07 Nov 2017, 22:00 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Only in Japan indeed:

O.... k....a....y....

right.... hmm...

um.... well, err.... you say, only in Japan.

WTF??? (OTD 😁 )
I READ THIS ON CRAIGS-LIST..HAD TO SHARE! hits on BDSM, Cats, and "50 Shades of Grey" but it really is a GREAT POLITICAL SATIRE about U.S.A. and American Neurotic Society.

RANT: Cock blocked by my cat!!! (belmont)

People often talk about cats as being assholes and jerks but I usually would blow this off as people just not understanding cats. After what happened last night with my girlfriend however my opinion on cats being jerks has officially changed. Last night my girlfriend and I had just watched "50 shades of Gray" as we often do to give us some creative inspiration in the bedroom.

I had her tied down spread eagle with one of those black colored blinders so she could not see me. I left the bedroom for a quick moment to grab a vibrator to use on her and in that short amount of time my cat had apparently jumped up on the bed and threw up on her breasts and stomach. I did not see or hear the cat do any of this but it was pretty clear what happened after I heard my girlfriend start to cry hysterically.

To make things worse my girlfriend seemed to start channeling Nancy Kerrigan and with her pouty, frown covered face wailing away with , "WHYYYY?!?"

I'm sure I don't need to go into the fact that at this point the moment, mood and entire night for that matter were completely ruined. My girlfriend is the super self conscious type, even thought she has a beautiful body it took 7 months after we started dating before she would let me have sex with her without the room being completely pitch black. I've got a strong feeling that it's going to be a while be before she stops thinking that I'm picturing her covered in cat barf every time she is naked in front of me. I can see my right hand getting pretty strong over the next couple of months.
I would be surprised if she would return unless your cat is in a carrier or outside.
In other words...
Cat or me. You can't have both.
Welcome back to the single life.

I wonder if cats do know something we don't ...

... Or ... that cat was plain jealousy 😉

Nyaaaa... 😁
At the risk of stirring up a hornet's nest, cats are evil personified 😟
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