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Full Version: WTF? of the day (WTFOTD)
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Ok, like I have no idea what I just saw.
And the audience in the background looked stunned or lost.

Who came up with this??
Must be British humor or something.
(17 Oct 2020, 23:37 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Ok, like I have no idea what I just saw.
And the audience in the background looked stunned or lost.

Who came up with this??
Must be British humor or something.

when art gets too Arty!!!  😁 😁 😁
(17 Oct 2020, 23:37 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Must be British humor or something.
O! (Note the UK vs US spelling difference - all preserved 😋)

Cultural Differences in Humor Perception, Usage, and Implications

Sense of humor across cultures: A comparison of British, Australian and American respondents

Quote:Although humor is considered to be a construct that exists across cultures and nations, there is some evidence that cultures and nations may differ in their self-reported sense of humor and use of humor. However, little research exists. In the current study, we investigated whether differences or similarities existed in British, American and Australian men and women's sense of humor, measured via the Multidimensional Sense of Humor Scale (MSHS). It was found that British respondents' attitudes toward humorous people were significantly more negative than were those of Australian participants. American participants reported using humor more frequently in social situations than did British participants. As predicted, self-reported humor production was greater in men than women, but no interaction with culture was found. Possible explanations for these findings are discussed.

What's the difference between American and British humor?
Quote:in the UK, generally, people assume you're joking unless otherwise indicated. In the US I think people probably assume you're being serious unless otherwise indicated. There's less suspicion of sincerity in the US.

In the UK, everyday we go into conversations prepared for joking and banter. I think this is why simple sarcasm doesn't cut the mustard with us -it's just too obvious and predictable.

That's why I find most American comedy series insufferably predictable and boring. Things that are hugely popular in the US, like Big Bang Theory, How I met your Mother, Family Guy, Two and a Half Men, that type of thing. I can frequently see the jokes coming for several miles.

British humour is when the main character is a joke. American humour is when the main character says a joke.
I think it has a less humoristic background. For me it looks more like an art/protest performance from vegetarians against the consume of meat. The costumes are very well made and it must have been weeks of work to glue all these pigs. Must be a very strange feeling for the actors to climb in these Costumes. Wonder what they wear underneath. Probably they aren't naked. Latex is often used in an art context. I just wonder when it will become fashion to wear it as usual all day clothes.
Saeborg, the imperfect cyborg, is half human, half toy. Saeborg’s performances are resembling nightmarish configurations of gigantic playmobils in bizarre fairytale settings. Inflatable latex is used to shape the huge figures of a truck-sized pig and its humanoid piglets. No matter how cartoonish and friendly they seem, the birth of the inflatable piglets is playfully twisted. Sleazy, shiny, squeaking, anthropomorphic, these pigs are crossbreeds between BDSM and animal-costumed PETA protesters. Is it a queer performance of operatic proportions or an allegory created to initiate kids in veganism? Are those cute piglets to be hugged and petted or are they bloated sexual fantasies to be acted out in role-playing? In Saeborg’s 'Pigpen', the humans step aside while the pork-chops trot in the spotlight.

I can't say that leaves me much the wiser.
Let's call it: "Yet another weird performance" 😁
I'd play a round 😊
Not sure where to post this. Belle Delphine and propeller butt-plug:

Still doesn’t work with icrap.
(27 Oct 2020, 22:03 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Still doesn’t work with icrap.
You still did not read what I wrote here, did you?

Just install the PlayerXtreme.
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