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Full Version: WTF? of the day (WTFOTD)
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There are two kinds of people... Those, who prefer Canon, and those, who prefer Nikon šŸ˜
In the world of binocularsĀ there are three and a half types of people, those who favourĀ Zeiss, Leica, SwarovskiĀ and...those who like Nikon.
Me, I'm aĀ fan ofĀ Zeiss.
Nikon have made some wonderful binsĀ but some absolute shockers too.
Canon - Nikon is a dichotomy, like dogs - cats. Zeiss, Leica, Sony, etc are out of it. BTW, I noticed that most "cat-people" prefer Canon, and the most of the "dog-people" is Nikon aficionado. For me Canon "fits like a glove" and Nikon is like a left glove for the right hand. Though I prefer Nikon optics. And yes, I'm a cat-guy šŸ˜
I like both. I've cats and dogs.
But if you ask me to pick my favorate, I'll take a dog over a cat.
Now, with that said, I do love a soft purring kitty on my lap.
But a dog, Wrot/lab, will always let me know if someone or something is lurking around.
The cat will just run and hide.
An ebay linkĀ that popped up on the right of the forum today: I won't be accepting any invitesĀ to dinner at worldwidewait's house.


Hand Sausage Machine Stainless Steel Enema Machine
Errrm.... At least it looks cool šŸ˜

Animated action of a kinky kind.... but still a WTF moment!Ā  šŸ˜Ā 


That reminds me my all time favourite:

(23 Jan 2019, 13:37 )LikeĀ Ra Wrote: [ -> ]That reminds me my all time favourite:

lucky cow, tied up and milked.
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