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Full Version: WTF? of the day (WTFOTD)
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For those who might be wondering, the intention is that it goes straight up Main Street
(19 Jun 2022, 18:54 )Culmor Wrote: [ -> ]For those who might be wondering, the intention is that it goes straight up Main Street

What does?

edit: Nevermind. It took me 10 hours to realize Culmor was referring to the ballet slipper on the previous page. I had aeady seen it and forgot about it since the day it was posted.
(18 Jun 2022, 06:51 )Culmor Wrote: [ -> ]Someone has a ballet slipper fetish...

I don't get it myself. If you like ballet slippers why no wear them? Or stick your face in them if you like the look. If that isn't enough you could use them as a sleeve for your penis to rub against while using the dildo. But why on the dildo of all things? It seems...... useless? I mean you have a condom covering over the slippers and a dildo inside. It reduces the firmness of the dildo while doing little of nothing to improve the experience. 

Maybe they can get off on the idea that they are being screwed with a ballet slipper but to me it seems useless. A potential could be that they get off on pretending that a dancer is shoving their ballet foot up their ass.
(25 May 2017, 22:37 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]I think this is the best thread for this "performance" (not the "Artificial Intelligence" one) :


What in the f***ity f*** f***, 10th circle of hell, God abandoned us in fear of what we have done level of s*** that is. I have seen the gore videos, I have seen the eyeblech, the 50 50 challenges, the liveleaks. I have seen the scat fetishes, the piercings fetishes and yet this Dutch museum made me gape my jaw in disgust and barely contained revulsion, the creator evidently discovered the bottom of the Uncanny Valley with the skinwalkers, the thing movies and decided he wanted to single handedly prove that the Uncanny Valley goes deeper.

Smooth and fluid motion paired with a grotesque and outright dirty looking body made worse by slow movement, hyperealistic silicone for the body with exposed joints and plastic arms, a soulless horrific mask for a face with a jaw that just flabs open to match some speech track, eyeless and expressionless, the two things that literally any character designed to be loveable has. Somehow they decided that wasn't enough horror, the utterly awful music track and dance that seems purely designed to be creepy and bizzare, set in a scene where the support rod for the character just goes through the middle of the chest and a few people watch as this freak show goes on. Somehow it also has both stiffness and poorly done smoothness at the same time, the completely stiff chest area would almost be a death sentence for a dance robot unless the robot could compensate with fast and aggressive full body movements to counteract the stiffness, this one doesn't, it's movements are also outright bizzare, rather then large sweeping moves designed to show off the body the bot instead has been programmed to look awful, the weirdly discordant moves that seem more like a demo reel of poses rather then a coherent dance or play.the videos I have ever seen this one is the definition of the Uncanny valley, screw zombies and corpses and other examples, this thing. This thing.
This is art. Just saying neutrally.
For me it fits right here.... Footwear by Elena Velez x MORPH.
(23 Jun 2022, 14:29 )krinlyc Wrote: [ -> ][Image: post_1903_1655990945_230e16f92e8c5f95ae6..._thumb.jpg] 

I want a mold like this but for my whole body.
That seems like some kinky fashion. There are some others in that gallery.

(26 Jun 2022, 21:23 )Zirael Wrote: [ -> ]
That seems like some kinky fashion. There are some others in that gallery.

Some interesting stuff and some extremely weird non-fetish stuff too...

Jean Paul -Gaultier was one of the first fashion designers known for fetish elements in his shows. Not sure, if any of that was for sale. I tried to find some pictures, but I am too tired for a patient search.
Love the new movie "crimes of the futures"(2022) with the living forniture... haaaa!!! really lovely

[Image: Viggo-Mortensen-lays-in-a-tentacle-bed-i...h=&dpr=1.5]
I dream of being able to dream of one like this! 😁
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