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Full Version: Butt plug reviews....
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I've had a couple of plugs over the years, my first was like the Doc Martin classic medium as shown by @ltxrob and I still have that, gets a little sore after an hour or two though for me.

The next one was a sucker fitting and thicker ribbed plug that was okay if I used it stuck to a flat surface, but I like to wear them under my panties and this one always felt like the edges of the sucker bit were cutting my backside.

Now I use a steel one a la this model:

Now I will admit that I use it with a condom as I want to keep it as clean as possible and with it being steel, it starts off bloody cold as it goes in, but once in place, it does warm up. It is easy to insert with the lube applied, it is very comfortable, and it stays in place perfectly. I can walk around with it in place for hours without discomfort, and can sit down without issue. Love it.
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