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Full Version: Butt plug reviews....
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Mine was from here...

silicone butt-plug

The seller has the next size up too...
In the original post I've added links to the existing reviews in the blog.
(08 Dec 2016, 14:23 )ltxrob Wrote: [ -> ]Mine was from here...

silicone butt-plug
Looks like it's even cheaper than on Ali....
(08 Dec 2016, 14:23 )ltxrob Wrote: [ -> ]The seller has the next size up too...

this one?
Glad you liked it.
I should point out that to make it easer to remove, just make a figure 8 out of a pair of zip-ties and slip one loop over the base of the plug. Zip it close, not too tight, and it come out easer because now you have a ring to grab on.

Here is an update that you won't find on any site, yet.
I took one of my ass anchor and drilled a hole through the base for an enema tube. It worked very well indeed. After the fillup, just place a cork and away you go.
@likera yes that's the bigger one.. I was working from memory.. but it's obviously a slightly different design but at 56mm Diam closed that still a 'big' toy.
These are my two current favourites, both purchased from Lovehoney:

[attachment=21019][attachment=21020] - the Purple Plug.
vital statistics:

I like this best when I'm properly 'warmed-up', as I find it can be painful to insert and difficult to retain right at the start of a long session. So long as I'm in the right zone this is a very comfortable and 'filling' plug, and works well for longer periods of wear.

[attachment=21021][attachment=21022] - Cock u like (This is the 'medium' size, I'm planning to buy the 'large' soon)
vital statistics

Very easy to insert and a good 'warm-up' for bigger things to come. Due to it's smaller size I need to take steps to retain it in place (tights or leotard work well) but the plus side of this is that I can 'work' it and gain some stimulation as it slides in/out. The suction base is also useful when I'm really into the sub zone, allowing me to stick it to the tiles in the bathroom and get down to some ass action Blush

Where do I begin ...

[attachment=21025] [attachment=21026]
Well I can count at lease ten of them you don't need to write about.
You aeady posted your homemade one, your inflatable one and the enema inflatable.
How about you start with the most useless one you have or tossed and go on from there?
Well as an update on the ass anchor....
Opportunity has arisen that most of the family bar my 2 year old are out this I thought I'd go for a bit of a longer test run.
Currently stealthing latex briefs, a stainless teardrop cockring and the ass anchor.

It's currently been in place for nearly 2hrs and about 30 minutes ago I started experiencing what can only be described as mini gasms... sort of a shuddering sensation in my core. Not too bad when sat or stationary... but cooking dinner was an experience I plan to repeat.

One thing I learnt from the longer session so far... lube the base 'horns' where the curl up into the perrineum that got a little tender after the first hr... bit of lube and all was good again.
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